U.K. Subs were due to play Imparts - Boise ID, USA


The gig was cancelled and the band stayed in Tacoma, going into the studio to record three tracks, see Nicky Garratt's account below:

Line up:
Charlie Harper – vocals
Nicky Garratt – guitar
Alvin Gibbs – bass
Jason Willer – drums

  • Below: Nicky Garratt's tour itinerary cover. Click to enlarge.
From the   collection of Nicky Garratt

Nicky has also provided the following information about this tour:


"The USA 2005 tour was just a west coast/Western half tour. Dates as follows;

Oct 7th - Gilman St. - Berkeley CA
Oct 8th - Showcase Theater - Corona CA
Oct 11th - Burnt Ramen - Richmond CA
Oct 13th - Dantes Inferno - Portland OR
Oct 14th - The Domino Room - Bend OR
Oct 15th - Hell's Kitchen - Tacoma WA
Oct 16th - Imparts - Boise ID (CANCELLED)
Oct 17th - Burts Tiki Lounge - Salt Lake City UT
Oct 18th - Lions Lair - Denver CO
Oct 19th - The Launch Pad - Albuquerque NM
Oct 20th - Green Door - OK City, OK
Oct 21st - Red Blood Club - Dallas TX
Oct 22nd - Atomix - San Antonio TX
Oct 23rd - Emos - Austin TX
Oct 25th - House Of Rock N Roll - El Paso TX
Oct 26th - Mardi Gras - Phoenix AZ
Oct 27th - Alex's Bar - Long Beach CA
Oct 28th - The Clubhouse - Las Vegas NV

I can't certify that none of the above shows were not changed or cancelled, (except Boise), it's too long ago. These dates are taken from the tour itinerary. As you will notice the Boise date followed the Tacoma date. When Boise was cancelled we stayed that day in Tacoma where we went into the studio and recorded three tracks: Embryo (Harper/Garratt/Gibbs), Product Supply (Harper/Garratt/Willer) and Rare Disease (Gibbs). The line up was as the tour line up - Harper/Garratt/Gibbs and Jason Willer."


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