U.K. Subs play Simplon, Groningen, Holland

Line up:
Charlie Harper – vocals & harmonica
James Moncur – guitar
Mark Barratt – bass
Geoff Sewell – drums

  • Below: 'I Couldn't Be You' and 'I Live In A Car' footage from this gig uploaded by Mark Barratt for this website- Cheers Mark.

"UK Subs at Simplon, Groningen, Netherlands October 24th 1986. 1st date of european tour. Harper, Moncur, Barratt, Sewell. Ex-Sub Captain Scarlet sat beside bass rig."

Below is the setlist for this show sent by Tappy, taken from the video of the gig which runs for 39:43 minutes.
01 C.I.D.
02 Emotional Blackmail
03 Endangered Species
04 Fear Of Girls
05 New York State Police
06 Limo Life
07 I Couldn't Be You
08 I Live In A Car
09 Warhead
10 I Robot
11 You Don't Belong
12 Party In Paris
13 Teenage
14 All I Want To Know
15 Brand New Cadillac

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