"we don't need no warpaint on our face"

Live In Holland Front Cover Live In Holland Back Cover

  • Above: Live In Holland. Front & back cover.
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Cat. No: RFB SIN 1
RFB Recordings
March 1986

A-Side: Stranglehold
              New Barbarians
Run-out groove:
TA  B - 4341A - 1

B-Side: Tomorrow's Girls
               Between The Eyes
Run-out groove: B - 4341B - 1

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
James Moncur
Plonker Magoo
Rab Fae Beith


This release featured tracks recorded 'Live' and taken from the Live In Holland cassette release entitled Left For Dead, with the four tracks chosen actually being those on the end of that cassette album. Released on drummer Rab Fae Beith's own label: RFB, the name of which is taken from his initials. Distributed through Pinnacle in the UK only and pressed on red vinyl. The sleeve uses the same artwork as the In Action LP released around the same time.


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Red Vinyl A-Side
 Red Vinyl A-Side Red Vinyl B-Side Red Vinyl B-Side


Below: Live In Holland test pressing.

Live In Holland test pressing

Run out groove side 1: 020 B-4341A-1
Run out groove side 2: 020 B-4341B-1

A huge thank you to Przemek Kwadrat in Poland for the scan.


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