"Imagine that they don't exist"

MG1449 front cover MG 1449 inside cover

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Cat. No: MG 1449

Side A:

CID (U.K. Subs) 2:10
Emotional Blackmail (Harper/Garratt) 1:31
Endangered Species (U.K. Subs) 4:03
Fear Of Girls (U.K. Subs) 2:01
Rock 'N' Roll Savage (U.K. Subs)2:54
SK 8 (sic) Tough (U.K. Subs) 2:25
New York State Police (U.K. Subs) 2:43
Does She Suck (U.K. Subs) 2:09
Limo Life (Harper/Garratt) 3:34
Confrontation Street (sic) (U.K. Subs) 2:11
Warhead (Harper/Slack) 4:10

Side B:

Police State (U.K. Subs) 3:37
Teenage (U.K. Subs) 2:45
I Couldn't Be You (U.K. Subs) 2:09
I Live In A Car (U.K. Subs) 1:18
Blues (U.K. Subs) 1:42
Telephone Numbers (Harper/Garratt) 1:13
Left For Dead (U.K. Subs) 1:02
Rockers (U.K. Subs) 3:15
Stranglehold (Harper) 2:20
New Barbarians (Harper) 3:46
Tomorrow's Girls (U.K. Subs) 2:39
Between The Eyes (U.K. Subs) 2:30

Line Up

Vocals & Harmonica: Charlie Harper
James Moncur
Bass: Plonker Magoo (Ricky McGuire)
Rab Fae Beith

Wrongly titled "Left For Deat", this Polish release uses artwork copied from the Danceteria issues. It also credits the songs written by U.K.Subs as Ch.Harper, J.Moncur, P.Magoo and R.Fea Beith.

The copy listed here also had the wrong labels on the cassette! The labels from the Polish Gross Out USA were used instead, although these appear to not have the yellow pattern background as featured on the above release.

  • Below: the cassette, both sides

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Cassette Side A

Cassette Side B

  • Above: Cassette both sides
  • Below: Mispressed labels for this release, incorrectly using the Gross Out USA label.

Wrong labels 

Wrong label



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