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Tuesday 7th September 2010



The Subs are currently in the studio working on their eagerly awaited WORK IN PROGRESS album.



The recording line-up will be Jet, Alvin and Jamie and the band are booked into Perry Vale Studios in south east London, which belongs to the original Vibrators bass player Pat Collier.

The final recordings will take place on Tuesday 7th September through to Thursday 9th September. Most of the backing tracks are completed, and the album is scheduled to come out on Captain Oi.


Charlie has been furiously occupied of late, writing lyrics every day, although T&M understands that one song to be included on the album will be by ex-Sub Lars Frederiksen, who has penned a song based on some words Charlie jotted down when he was with the Subs years ago! Lars has apparently always wanted Charlie to sing this particular song.

The evolution of the album has been a particularly long one, with the album title having actually been chosen now for a number of years. In fact, it is over 8 years since the last proper studio album, Universal came out.


Charlie, Jet, Alvin and Jamie started rehearsals for the album in the summer (w/c 21st June), which produced 9 songs ready to demo, and by early July the band were back in the studio, expanding their ideas.


There will be a number of songs written by individuals in the band, and some early working titles to emerge were 'Guru' and 'Hell'. By 8th July, the band had 16 tracks earmarked for the album, which were just the music, and no vocals. One of the album tracks will be a new version of 'Creation', which first appeared on the 2008 Warhead CD-EP, and has become a new Subs fans favourite already.


The album artwork will be done by the great Vince Ray, and you can see some of his previous work by clicking here, to get an idea of what possibly could adorn the Work In Progress cover!

Charlie, in a recent interview, stated that his stand out track was called 'Man Made God'', as well as mentioning that he hopes that "the album will be out next February at the latest. The album will sound very rocking, with a lot of ideas I have found on my Japanese travels, they are a little chaotic, but very exciting..."


Time & Matter will hopefully be bringing you regular updates on this, err... work in progress! Smile


So keep watching this website...


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Blurb on Perry Vale: "Perry Vale Studios is located in Forest Hill SE23, London. The Studio is owned and run by producer Pat Collier who specialises in Rock and Indie. The studio has a large control room and live room (with separate drum booth and two additional isolation booths) that can easily accommodate 10/12 piece bands. The studio also has a seperate lounge and kitchen and on site parking..."