Re-issued DVD cover - click to enlargeThe Time & Matter website's Soft Lights And Loud Guitars DVD has been re-released by the original film makers RADAR PROOF RECORDINGS. The new issue was commissioned by Charlie Harper, after demand for the DVD exceeded that of the original T&M limited edition issue of 100. The new edition contains new bonus material plus brand new artwork designed by one of the T&M editors Mark Chadderton. Joint T&M editor Rob Cook has also designed a special 6Music 2010 World Cup Winners postcard which will be included with each copy.



The DVD will only be available at Subs gigs at the merchandise stall.


Time & Matter Exclusive Interview with Charlie Harper

In an exclusive interview with Time & Matter, Charlie discusses the latest album 'Work In Progress'. Filmed at the end of the last day of recording on the 9th of September 2010, we talk to the Godfather of punk about the bands A-Z albums, 'Work In Progress' and the upcoming US and UK tours.
A big thank you to Charlie for taking the time to talk to us.

To see a clip of Charlie talking about album X click here!