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THE FINAL TOTAL RAISED IS £1,336-60Fund box by Ram Dug - click to enlarge

Following the horrific events in Japan, in March 2011, in which U.K. Subs guitarist Jet was present, but survived, Charlie and Yuko asked for information to be made available on the Time & Matter homepage about how to donate to the Japanese relief efforts.
Yuko then had a 'Japanese earthquake relief fund' donation box on her merchandise stall at every Subs gig up to and including this year's Rebellion Festival in Blackpool on 7th August. Subs fans continued to support the fund with lots of donations, both big or small.
Jet himself expressed his wish that, "...if any Subs fans would like to donate, but can't make it to any of our gigs, then please donate via the Japanese Red Cross..." This is still applicable!
Full news stories on the Disaster Fund are archived HERE

The total money counted from the box was £525-60.

Jet also decided to auction one of his guitars on the Time & Matter website, with 100% of the winning bid going to help the people of Japan, that exciting auction concluded with a further £750-00 raised through Mark Jones' generous winning bid. 
The full story is archived HERE


  • The SetBacks, who supported the Subs at their 21st May Bristol gig, kindly donated the money they made from any sales of their CD, their stickers and badges to the Japanese earthquake relief fund!
  • A U.K. Subs live DVD called 'Live Chaos' was produced by Wes Cohen of, who is part of the 'Radar Proof Recordings' collective, this limited edition release raised £50-00.
  • Ram Dug, of the Scottish punk band the Prairie Dugz also kindly offered to donate £1-00 from the sale of every Prairie Dugz t-shirt that they sold at this year’s Rebellion Festival, to the U.K. Subs’ Japanese earthquake relief fund, Ram's generous offer raised a further £11-00. Ram also made the earthquake appeal bucket pictured above, and on the first day of the Rebellion Festival went around and got lots of change in the bucket. Incredibly, he was told not to do it by some Festival moron(s), so from the second day it was on Yuko's merch desk. Cheers Ram - you are a STAR.

The band and Yuko would like to acknowledge everybody who made a donation.

Additional to the U.K. Subs' Japanese earthquake relief fund donation box, the U.K. Subs Time & Matter website donated all profits from the sale of its U.K. Subs Double DVD 'Tour In Progress' to help Jet's family in Japan. Total profit from that DVD was £730. A new U.K. Subs 7" single available through T&M will also have all its profits donated to this cause.

Time & Matter website would like to thank every Subs fan out there who has helped this vital cause. Together we have raised over £2,000 for the people of Japan, and hopefully we can continue to raise lots MORE!