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CoolCoolANOTHER KIND OF TWO! - New Subs websiteCoolCool

4,3,2,1... countdown to our new official 'sister' site! Click image to enlargeU.K. Subs fans will be delighted to hear that the old official U.K. Subs website ( is to be resurrected and will run hand-in-hand with this U.K. Subs Time & Matter website.

Regular visitors to T&M over the last few years will recall that Paul Mileman, who used to run the old official website, stepped down from his role in July 2010 leaving Mark & Rob to administer the U.K. Subs web-presence, via Time & Matter, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.

Both Mark & Rob are delighted that Paul has decided to return to the fold, and the U.K. Subs website administrative team will now be stronger than ever before, with us united as a 3-man team to bring you EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to do with the greatest punk band of all-time: the U.K. Subs.
The brand new website will launch in around a week, and you can visit the site now to get in the mood with a certain classic Subs song playing! - The Official U.K. Subs website - The Official U.K. Subs historical archive website