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U.K. Subs fans will be delighted to see that the old official U.K. Subs website ( is now back online, running hand-in-hand with this fellow-official U.K. Subs Time & Matter website.

Screenprint of the top of the new homepage - click to enlarge

Regular visitors to T&M over the last few years will recall that Paul Mileman, who used to run the old official website, stepped down from his role in July 2010 leaving Mark Chadderton & Rob Cook to administer the U.K. Subs web-presence, via Time & Matter, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Both Mark & Rob are delighted that Paul has decided to return to the fold, and the U.K. Subs website administrative team will now be stronger than ever before, with us united as a 3-man team to bring you EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to do with the greatest punk band of all-time: the U.K. Subs. - The Official U.K. Subs website - The Official U.K. Subs historical archive website

WWW.UKSUBS.COM DESIGNERJonathan Hollins (John the Punk) - click to enlarge

The U.K. Subs admins and the band would like to express their thanks to Jonathan Hollins, otherwise known as John the Punk, of who has designed the new look

John (picture right) is a 31-year old freelance graphic designer/web designer who lives in New York, USA. John is also the webmaster for another legendary punk band: THE ADICTS!
John's superb Adicts site is:

If you love what you see here, then please get in touch with John (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to discuss what he can design for you or your band. Further information on John can be seen HERE.
You can also contact him via, Facebook or MySpace and follow him on Twitter.

There is a brand new U.K. Subs forum / message board on the new website, please register HERE, as the T&M forum 'Talk Is Cheap' will be taken down to make way for this very soon...