Please contact us if you have any additional information regarding U.K. Subs gigs from this year.

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10/1/2009: Gig in London, UK
11/1/2009: Gig in London, UK
13/1/2009: Gig in Paris, France
14/1/2009: Gig in Düsseldorf, Germany
15/1/2009: Gig in Tilburg, Holland
16/1/2009: Gig in Hamburg, Germany
17/1/2009: Gig in Berlin, Germany
18/1/2009: Gig in Wroclaw, Poland
20/1/2009: Gig in Vienna, Austria
21/1/2009: Gig in Prague, Czech Republic
23/1/2009: Gig in Munich, Germany
24/1/2009: Gig in Luzern, Switzerland
27/1/2009: Gig in Barcelona, Spain
28/1/2009: Gig in Alicante, Spain
29/1/2009: Gig in Madrid, Spain
30/1/2009: Gig in Vigo, Spain
31/1/2009: Gig in Arrasate, Spain


1/2/2009: Gig in Bordeaux, France 
3/2/2009: Gig in Milan, Italy
4/2/2009: Gig in Parma, Italy
5/2/2009: Gig in Rome, Italy
6/2/2009: Gig in Padova, Italy
7/2/2009: Gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia
8/2/2009: Gig in Zagreb, Croatia
9/2/2009: Gig in Ossijek, Croatia
10/2/2009: Gig in Novi Sad, Serbia
11/2/2009: Gig in Belgrade, Serbia
12/2/2009: Gig in Gorizia, Italy
13/2/2009: Gig in Solothurn, Switzerland
14/2/2009: Gig in Dornbirn, Austria
15/2/2009: Gig in Freiburg, Germany
16/2/2009: Gig in Jena, Germany
18/2/2009: Gig in Aachen, Germany
19/2/2009: Gig in Den Haag, Holland
20/2/2009: Gig in Frankfurt, Germany
21/2/2009: Gig in Drachten, Holland
22/2/2009: Gig in Zaandam, Holland
25/2/2009: Gig in Tromsø, Norway
24/2/2009: Gig in Oslo, Norway
26/2/2009: Gig in Trondheim, Norway
27/2/2009: Gig in Bergen, Norway
28/2/2009: Gig in Lillehammer, Norway 


01/03/2009: Gig in Tønsberg, Norway
30/03/2009: Gig in Halifax, Canada
31/03/2009: Gig in Moncton, Canada


1 April: Gig in Quebec, Canada 
2 April: Gig in Jonquiere, Canada
3 April: Gig in Montreal, Canada
4 April: Gig in Toronto, Canada
5 April: Gig in Hamilton, Canada
6 April: Gig in St-Thomas, Canada
8 April: Gig in Thunder Bay, Canada
9 April: Gig in Winnipeg, Canada
10 April: Gig in Saskatoon, Canada
11 April: Gig in Calgary, Canada
12 April: Gig in Red Deer, Canada
13 April: Gig in Edmonton, Canada
14 April: Gig in Victoria, Canada
15 April: Gig in Vancouver, Canada
25 April: Gig in Hastings, U.K.
26 April: Gig in Leamington Spa, U.K.


9 May: Gig in Norwich, UK
10 May: Gig in Coalville, UK
15 May: Gig in Spain (Azkena Rock Festival)
16 May: Gig in Bridlington, U.K.
21 May: Gig in Bristol, UK
22 May: Gig in Poole, UK
23 May: Gig in Cardiff, UK
24 May: Gig in Winchester, UK
25 May: Gig in London, UK (12 Bar Club)
29 May: Gig in Hednesford, UK
30 May: Gig in Derby, UK
31 May: Gig in Peterborough, UK


5 June: Gig in Telford, UK
6 June: Gig in Bedford, UK
12 June: Gig in Kettering, UK
13 June: Gig in Rotherham, UK
18 June: Gig in Bognor Regis, UK
19 June: Gig in Southampton, UK
20 June: Gig in Harlow, UK
25 June: Gig in Grimsby, UK
26 June: Gig in Mansfield, UK
27 June: Gig in Tunbridge Wells, UK


2 July: Gig in Barrow-in-Furness, UK 
3 July: Gig in Aberdeen, UK
4 July: Gig in Glasgow, UK
5 July: Gig in Gateshead, UK
6 July: Gig in Pecs, Hungary
9 July: Gig in Exeter, UK
10 July: Gig in Newport, UK
11 July: Gig in Weston Super Mare, UK
17 July: Gig in Camberley, UK
18 July: Gig in Ashton Under Lyme, UK
19 July: Gig in Crewe, UK
23 July: Gig in Newcastle, UK
24 July: Gig in Kirkcarswell, UK
25 July: Gig in York, UK
26 July: Gig in Leeds, UK
31 July: Gig in Rostock, Germany 


1 August: Gig in Germany (Wacken Festival) 
8 August: Gig in Blackpool, UK
Aug 20th
  -   Warped Tour. Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA USA
Aug 21st  -   Warped Tour - Sleep Train Amphitheater, Sacramento, CA, USA
Aug 22nd  -  Warped Tour  - Cricket Amphitheater, San Diego, CA, USA
Aug 23rd  -  Warped Tour  -  Home Depot Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA   
Aug 27th  - 19th & Broadway, Fairfax, CA USA
Aug 28th  -  The District, Eugene, OR USA
Aug 29th  -  The Charleston, Bremerton, WA USA
Aug 30th  -  Studio Seven, Seattle, WA USA


Sept 1st  -  New Oasis, Sparks NV  USA
Sept 3rd  -  Brick By Brick, San Diego, CA USA
Sept 4th  -  Angels Sports Bar, Corona, CA USA
Sept 5th  -  Angels Roadhouse, Apple Valley, CA USA
Sept 6th  -  House Of Blues, Disneyland, Anaheim, CA, USA (With the Germs)
10 September: Gig in Blackburn, UK 
11 September: Gig in Dundee, UK
12 September: Gig in Durham, UK


6 October: Gig in Perth, Australia 
7 October: Gig in Brisbane, Australia
8 October: Gig in Sydney, Australia
9 October: Gig in Sydney, Australia
10 October: Gig in Melbourne, Australia
11 October: Gig in Hobart, Australia
14 October: Gig in Dunedin, New Zealand
15 October: Gig in Christchurch, New Zealand
16 October: Gig in Barrytown, New Zealand
17 October: Gig in Nelson, New Zealand
21 October: Gig in Palmerston North, New Zealand
22 October: Gig in Wellington, New Zealand
23 October: Gig in New Plymouth, New Zealand
24 October: Gig in Auckland, New Zealand
30 October: Gig in Tokyo, Japan
31 October: Gig in Tokyo, Japan 


19 November: Gig in Leeds, UK
20 November: Gig in Doncaster, UK
21 November: Gig in Barnsley, UK
22 November: Gig in Birmingham, UK
26 November: Gig in Gloucester, UK
27 November: Gig in Plymouth, UK
28 November: Gig in Nuneaton, UK
29 November: Gig in Ipswich, UK


3 December: Gig in Derby, UK
4 December: Gig in Hastings, UK
5 December: Gig in London, UK (The Garage)
10 December: Gig in Ashton-under-Lyme, UK
11 December: Gig in Glasgow, UK
12 December: Gig in Edinburgh, UK
17 December: Gig in Brighton, UK
18 December: Gig in Southampton, UK
19 December: Gig in Leicester, UK