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18/02: Janus Stark Album - Yet Another Brilliant Review

This time it's Planet Mosh who are heaping praise on the album, with reviewer Alex English stating that...
"CHARLIE HARPER makes an appearance on backing vocals and his harmonica playing is as distinctive as a smash to the face!"
"Angel in The Flames is a passionate album, its essence is born of lessons learnt from life’s mistakes and sugar-coated heartbreak. Based on real-life experiences from the past to the present day! It packs a meaningful punch!"
Read the full review at:

15/02: Vive Le Rock Awards Gig - U.K. Subs Nominated

This year's annual Vive Le Rock Awards will also mark the magazine's tenth anniversary in print, a phenomenal achievement for this fabulous magazine.
Charlie will be at the 2020 Vive Le Rock Awards on April 1st as the U.K. Subs' Demon Records/ Edsel Records box set has been nominated for 'Best Reissue'.
Tickets are now on sale for what should be a memorable night:
GET TICKETS HERE: https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/event/1F00582F975B1BD6
U.K. SUBS 1977-2017 40 Years Of U.K. Subs Singles' still available

These fabulous boxsets celebrating 40 years of Subs singles, are still available on both vinyl and CD. 


Product description "Housed in a deluxe hard back book, this 120 track 4 CD box set contains every A, B, C and D side issued by Punk legends U.K. Subs. From their first 1977 demo right through to the most recent "Predator" single this really is the Ultimate U.K. Subs release. Early hit singles like "Warhead", "Teenage" and "She's Not There" rub shoulders with rarer 45's like ""Riot 98" and "666Yeah" as chronologically the set trawls through the bands singles over the last 40 years. The highly informative booklet contains info on every single by the bands webmaster and historian Mark Chadderton and there are illustrations of each of these now highly collectable records spread across the booklet's 32 pages. Mastered by James Bragg who oversaw the bands "A-M" and "N-Z" albums box sets. The U.K. Subs have never looked or sounded so good!"

4 10" LP Vinyl Boxset: CLICK HERE TO BUY

Product Description "Spread over 4 coloured vinyl 10" LP's, this 39 track box set contains every A side issued by Punk legends U.K. Subs over the past 40 years. From National Chart hit singles like "Tomorrows Girls", "Stranglehold" and "Warhead" through to rarer tracks like "Reclaim The Streets" and "Drunken Sailor" right up to the most recent "Predator" and "The Beast" 45's this chronological set is a must for collectors. Each album comes in its own sleeve with individual inner bags with the music pressed on purple, yellow, orange and green vinyl's. Added in is a highly detailed and illustrated 16 page 10" booklet giving the lowdown on each release."


10/02: Subs support slot for Bad Religion 40th anniversary tour

The Subs have been announced as the main support for Bad Religion's June 2020 40th anniversary tour, with the following dates...

05: Academy, Manchester, England
06: o2 Academy, Newcastle, England***
07: o2 Forum, Kentish Town, London, England
09: Rock City, Nottingham, England
10: o2 Academy, Bristol, England

***Subs fans may notice that Alvin's band the Disobedient Servants - which includes Jamie on drums are due to play on June 6th in Manchester when there's a show listed for the same day with the Subs in Newcastle above. However, Alvin and Jamie are due to play the North West Calling festival in Manchester in the afternoon and will then make the journey to Newcastle to perform at the o2 Academy that evening. 

Bad Religion 40th anniversary tour poster - click to enlarge


08/02: Charlie Harper Documentary in the making...

Eugene Butcher, editor of Vive Le Rock magazine has made a cryptic announcement on his Facebook feed that there is a documentary being made about Charlie, with an announcement coming later in the year...

Eugene's post reads: "Who said we are making a documentary on the greatest living punk rocker of all CHARLIE HARPER? Stay tuned 20/11/20"


30/01: Charlie Solo Shows For 2020
Aside from touring with the Subs, Charlie will also be performing a number of solo shows this year.
Current dates are listed below, with more to follow...

23: Pipeline, Brighton, England (Charlie’s 76th birthday party)
28: Northern Guitars, Leeds, England
29: To be confirmed

30: Acoustic Festival of Britain, Uttoxeter Racecourse, England
31: Formans Bar, Nottingham, England (sold out)
28: CHARLIE HARPER SOLO SHOW, Spreepunkrockers (Boat trip), Berlin, Germany
05: Maidenbower park community club (MPCC), Crawley, England


01/01: Happy new year from T&M

Time & Matter would like to wish all Subs fans, members and ex-members a happy new year, and thank you for your continued support...

Cheers - Mark & Rob



U.K. SUBS IN 1977

It's amazing what can turn up after so many years!
Early U.K. Subs drummer Steve J. Jones - who later returned to play on 1983s 'Flood of Lies' LP - sent in this amazing, previously unpublished photo of the Subs, just after Nicky Garratt had joined in early October 1977.

Steve had this to say about this stunning find!

"Here's a picture of the UK Subs from 1977 - playing the Western Counties pub in Paddington. Not sure if it's been published before. I've had a copy in my scrapbook since '77. I'm sure it was one of the first we played after Nicky Garratt joined. We played that particular pub a number of times - often with Rob Harper also in the band. I'm not sure if Rob is with us on this occasion and simply missing from the shot. I've no idea who took the picture..."

T&M contacted Nicky Garratt about the photo and he confirmed for us that the photo was taken on his "...first weekend with the Subs..."


Left to right: Steve Slack, Nicky Garratt, Charlie Harper, Steve J. Jones
Click the image to enlarge


STRICTLY no reproduction allowed without written permission of Steve J. Jones

Previous rare and unusual pictures can be found under the T & Misc. section to the right - click 'Homepage Picture Choice Archive...

Photo by Nick Knight - click to enlarge"People, people, people, get involved. Play your guitar, do your fanzines, take photos BE INVOLVED.  One day it could all be worth something because it's not only history but the future too.  So live it, don't just be part of the audience, participate."



Charlie Harper, 17 December 1998 - quoted from an interview in Scanner Fanzine Issue 3

 "Among the many bands on the bill are some of the veterans of the punk/new wave explosion of the late 1970s including... ...the seemingly indestructible UK Subs. Still fronted by Charlie Harper, who first formed the band as an Elizabethan madrigal quartet sometime in the 1600s, UK Subs were one of the original punk bands from 1976 and are notable not least for the fact of having been through at least 35 drummers in their 35-year history."


Laughing Nick Horton - Dorset Echo - 12th August 2011 Laughing

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