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Warhead Front Cover (UK)The U.K. Subs' classic track 'Warhead' is the second best anti-nuclear song from the early 1980s according to Dave Jennings in his top 10 article written for the 'Louder Than War' website which was published today.

'Warhead' was placed second only to Crass' stunning, provocative and haunting masterpiece 'Nagasaki Nightmare', with Dave commenting on the Subs' classic cut:

"Is there a better moment at any Punk festival/all-dayer than when the Subs launch into this in front of a packed crowd? It’s still a classic when played to smaller audiences and has lost none of its power and impact from its first release. On reading the lyrics today, you are also struck by how frighteningly reminiscent they are of the political madness that still infests the world thirty two years after the song was written."

Dave Jennings' top ten were:

1) Nagasaki Nightmare, Crass, 1981
2) Warhead – UK Subs, 1980
3) Do You Believe in the Westworld? – Theatre of Hate 1982
4) Flame of the West – Big Country 1984
5) North Winds Blowing – The Stranglers 1985
6) Generals – The Damned 1982
7) Living Through Another Cuba – XTC, 1980
8) Last in the House of Flames – UK Decay, 1981
9) Tomahawk Cruise- TV Smith’s Explorers, 1980
10) Two Tribes – Frankie Goes to Hollywood, 1984