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The Blackpool Gazette has today published an interview about this weekend's Rebellion Festival with Charlie Harper, entitled ‘The best punk rock fest in the world’. Conducted by Andy Hamilton, you can read the ONLINE version by clicking HERE


T&M have also archived it below as well:



‘The best punk rock fest in the world’



Published on Friday 3 August 2012 10:50



Punk veteran Charlie Harper, front man of the UK Subs through the band’s many line-up changes, is looking forward to being back in Blackpool on Sunday as part of the Rebellion festival.


“Well, I think it’s the best punk rock festival in the world,” he said.


“There’s not one bigger, not even the Warped tour.


“Rebellion is a real party, a real gathering of the tribes.


“You name it, it’s even got an arts show, it’s got bingo done by Max Splodge.


“It’s also got the acoustic stage, which is one of my favourite places to be.”


Charlie formed the band out of his then R&B group The Marauders late in 1976.


This is the fifth decade that the UK Subs have been recording and playing live, and having been one of the most successful and consistent punk bands in the world, they have maintained a heavy touring schedule throughout their career, which they continue with today.


Speaking about fellow punk legend and Sex Pistols front man John Lydon’s first ever appearance at the festival with band Public Image Ltd, he says: “I really like Public Image, I think they’re a great band.


“We played a festival down south and they played after we got off stage and they sounded brilliant, as usual.


“They’re all great musicians. Johnny Rotten just gets better.”


The UK Subs’ first single CID became a huge indie hit back in 1976.


They carried on to have several consecutive top 30 hits between 1979 and 1981 including Stranglehold, Tomorrows Girls, Party In Paris and Warhead.


With a new triple disc album – XXX – to be released next year, Charlie says he’s still writing songs today as often as he used to.


“Almost every day I get an idea for a song or a sound.


“I like every song to have its own little atmosphere around it, a little character of its own.


“I probably play for a couple of hours a day, just mess around then write it down. Not musically just the chords.”


Charlie also claims to enjoy visiting Blackpool’s cafés, although warns that visitors should ask around before deciding where to eat.


“The thing about Blackpool is that you know all the other little shops can be so seedy and nasty,” he said.


“There are some lovely little cafés, but you have to ask around.


“We always recommend one, that’s really nice. A greasy spoon really is a greasy spoon up there.”


Talking about the developments he has seen over the years while performing in Blackpool, he said: “I think the festival and other kinds of events that are happening at the Winter Gardens, have helped put Blackpool back on the map.


“Every year we go there there’s a big, big change.


“Even in the recession they built a shopping mall there and stuff like that.


“Things for the masses.”


By Andy Hamilton




Converse have today published a video (see below) and review of the recent 'Converse Represent' gig that the UK Subs headlined on 31st July 2012 at the 100 Club in London.

The video features Charlie and Jamie talking about the gig, as well as the Subs in action on stage.



The review is archived below (read original with live photos from the gig HERE)


Represent: UK Subs Live Review


With performances by Discharge, Anti-Nowhere League, Goldblade, Ed Tudor Pole, Dumbjaw and more.

It was always going to be an emotional night for many, with such an incredible link up of punk rock in one of the genre’s spiritual homes, expectations were high for last night’s Represent show. Headlined by the legendary UK Subs the line up also paid tribute to punk from across the ages with a host of bands that drew out punks old and new from London to party at the 100 Club, even Captain Sensible from the Damned was in the crowd.

Warming up the crowd was DJ Liam Penetrator who played all night between the bands and joined the dots between sets with an unbeatable collection of vintage punk 7” vinyl. With six bands on the bill it was an early start and Dumbjaw took to the stage at six o’clock firing through a short but vey sweet set of snarling punk. They were followed by ex Ten Pole Tudor man and sometime Crystal Maze presenter Ed Tudor Pole who drew out the old school heads and got the crowd in the mood with repeated calls for the spirit of real punk to show itself.

By the time Goldblade took to the stage at least half the crowd were wearing the ltd. edition UK Subs tees. The band have a fearsome live reputation and frontman John Robb gave it 110% to prove they still have every bit of energy that they had when the band formed in 1995. By the end of the set he was shirtless and very sweaty indeed, as were many of the crowd.

Following swiftly on, Discharge showed the 100 Club why they’re known as some of the UK originators of the hardcore punk sound with a high intensity run through of their catalogue from 1977 until the present day.

The packed club were clearly anticipating the headliners so Anti Nowhere League had to really give it some to hold their attention. Fortunately that is what they do with lead singer Animal barking and growling through the set on top of some serious riffs from guitarist Magoo. In true punk style crowd participation was now well and truly underway, something that would carry on well in to the UK Subs set.

Being back where it all began was a special moment for a lot of the crowd and you could see that the UK Subs were loving it. Close your eyes and you could have been back in the 70s experiencing the raw energy of this sound for the first time. Playing live is where the ‘Subs are in their element and after all these years they’ve well and truly still got it, lead singer Charlie Parker (sic) is still a formidable presence on stage. Tracks like the classic ‘Stranglehold’ still sound fresh and the crowd lapped it up, sharing the mic with Charlie, stage diving, jumping, pushing, shouting and doing all the things that make a real punk show one of the best musical experiences you can have.

Another great night at Represent, keep an eye on for all the info as the shows progress.