18th April 2010. A few months ago, Paul sent me a Facebook friend request. I accepted and I asked why he wanted me as a friend, me, The Fool, a simple man among simple men. He said he was happy about the comments I posted on some The Flying Padovani’s videos.

Sting led me to The Police, The Police to Henri Padovani, Henri to The Flying Padovani’s, The Flying Padovani’s to The U.K. Subs, The U.K. Subs to Paul.

Paul & The FoolLimoges, France, CCM John Lennon Auditorium. I’m very proud to be Paul’s special guest for the U.K Subs gig tonight. The friend who’s with me is also excited. I have a lot of hardware, tripod, camera, handycam… So I must go to the backstage. The crowed is huge, the gigs are good, beers are delicious and go across that party with an uncommon pleasure!

I open one door: I’m in. A man tells me “Subs backstage are over there but they’re away”. I walk, enter the room and I feel paralyzed. Charlie Harper is here. A punk rock legend is in front of me, he’s not surprised at all. He’s happy to see me. Words that come from my mouth are strange sounds: I’m in a front of a legend; but a legend is a man recalls me Charlie as a hairless smart guy comes in. My friend, Paul. My heart starts beating faster.

Charlie on GuitarCharlie demands me to have a sit, and a drink. My friend, who drives tonight only have a glass of water. Jet Storm and Jamie Oliver arrive, as merry men and salute us. The band line is here.

We starts talking about music, about Topper Headon -Paul tells me he saw him last year and that Topper is clean now-, about  Henry who’ll introduce the movie “Rock’ Roll… of Corse” in Cannes. Is he betraying a secret? Anyway, my friend Sylvain and I want to hear about the Subs memories.

As the music from stage rocks us -and as “High-Tech-Paul” manages is facebook, mails etc- Charlie turns him into an encyclopedia. He tells me the making of “Warhead”. He tells me about weeks spent around a L.A pool smoking and drinking with others rock legends.

I’m not a fan no more, I’m a child listening to his grandpa!

It’s 01 am. We spoke. Saw gigs. I bought a U.K Subs badge, C.I.D vinyl dedicated by Jet and Paul… I’m in heaven… But heaven really comes when on stage the U.K Subs craw starts playing. The auditorium shouts. Everyone is cool! Charlie is no 66! Jamie plays the drums as an ecstatic John Bonham. Jet’s guitar runs the show as train to hell and PaulPaul gives his all body and mind to the audience.

Subs on stageI have my camera. I shoot until my battery dies. I have my handycam and I film “Warhead” live. I feel like a U.K Subs employee!

The show is finished… No! There’s an encore. A fucking nice performance.

The Subs, my friend and I join backstage and  Charlie tells me: “Guys! Don’t let the junkie in!!!”.

I keep the door with my friend, as they get some rest. A rest they deserve.

Before they leave, Charlie tells me, “This is for you”. He gave me a relic, a shackle from is own.

That’s the Subs. That’s the real concept of humanity: happiness, sharing memories, talking and keep talking to enforce the power of freedom of friendship. I will never forget that evening.