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Surrender to the seas...Let Them Eat Vinyl, who recently re-issued the U.K. Subs' fifth album 'Endangered Species' (LTEV115LP) and the live album 'Left For Dead' (LTEV152LP) on vinyl will now be re-issuing the band's sixth album, 'Flood of Lies' on limited edition double yellow vinyl on 16 February 2015. 

Distributed by Plastic Head, with a catalogue number of LTEV196LP the Plastic Head description reads as follows:


UK Subs 6th official album which reached No.15 in the Indie Chart when first released in 1983. Now comes as limited edition double yellow vinyl..."

The first two sides will contain the 12 original LP tracks, whilst the third and fourth sides will contain 'extra tracks' from the LPs period, namely, the 'Another Typical City' and 'Magic EP' vinyl releases, as detailed below:

SIDE A: 1.Flood Of Lies 2.Veronique 3.Soldiers Of Fortune 4.DB’s 5.Tampa Bay 6.After The War
SIDE B: 7.Violent Revolution 8.In The Red 9.Dress Code 10.Revenge Of The Jelly Devils 11.In The Wild 12.Seas Of Mars
SIDE C: 13.Another Typical City (7” Version) 14.Still Life 15.The Spell 16.Private Army
SIDE D: 17.Multiple Minds 18.Primary Strength 19.Another Typical City (12” Version)
'Flood of Lies' was originally released in 1983 on vinyl on Scarlet Records/Fall Out Records, with the latter label re-issuing it on vinyl with a completely different sleeve in 1987.
The only other time it has appeared on vinyl was on initial release on the German label Intercord, so this new issue is the first time it has been available on vinyl in over 27 years, and the first time with the original artwork for 32 years!
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The LTEV 'Endanged Species' & 'Left For Dead LP re-issues are still available on the following links: