"This next one's for all the press, come to our gigs just to pull us down"


  • Above: In Action UK LP release, 2015, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: LETV222LP
Label: RFB recordings
Recorded: 1985
Released: 15th June 2015


Side A:

Emotional Blackmail
Endangered Species
Fear Of Girls
New York State Police
Rock 'N' Roll Savage
Does She Suck (All I Wanna Know)
Organized (sic) Crime

Run-out groove: 130170E1/A


Side B:

You Don't Belong
Confrontation Street (sic)
Barbie's Dead
Keep On Running
Police State

Run-out groove:


Side C:

Telephone Numbers
I Couldn't Be You
I Live In A Car
Party In Paris
Crash Course
Young Criminals
Left For Dead

Run-out groove: 130170E3/A


Side D:

Rat Race
Between The Eyes
SK8 Tough
Tomorrow's Girls
New Barbarians

Run-out groove: 130170E4/A.


Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: James Moncur
Bass: Plonker Magoo (Ricky McGuire)
Drums: Rab Fae Beith


Record Store Day 2015 release in gate-fold sleeve with changed running order on sides C and D to original release.


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