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Motivator front cover (UK) Motivator back cover (UK)

  • Above: Motivator UK release, 1988, front & back cover. Click to enlarge.

Cat. No: REM Four
Released Emotions
November 1988
23rd December 1988

A-Side: Motivator (Charlie Harper)
              Combat Zone (Alan Lee, Charlie Harper)

Run-out groove: REM.4 A2 LYN-22057

AA-Side: Fascist Regime (David Goodman)
                Auld Lang Syne (Trad. Arr. U.K. Subs)
                Cycle Sluts From Hell (Farrelly, Harper)

Run-out groove: HOLIDAYS IN BRIXTON REM.4 B2 LYN-22058

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Alan Lee
Bass: Dave 'Flea' Farrelly
Drums: Matt McCoy


Double A-side black vinyl only 12" single featuring a re-recording of Motivator from the Killing Time LP, as the lead track. Also boasting two new single only Subs compositions, and an arrangement of the traditional Hogmanay song Auld Lang Syne. This release is also notable for a David Goodman song featuring a 'Holidays in the sun' style intro (if you don't get the link then maybe you're on the wrong website).

Goodman produced the tracks and would work with the Subs again on The Revolution's Here EP.

The recordings featured the then touring line-up, most of whom would leave and re-join at various stages, although not always playing the same instrument!


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UK A-side A-Side UK B-side B-Side


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