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FALL LP018/S.I.G.3 front cover FALL LP018/S.I.G.3 back cover

  • Above: Flood of Lies UK LP release, 1983, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: FALL LP018/S.I.G. 3
Label: Scarlet Records/Fall-Out
Recorded: August 1983
Released: October 1983

Side One:

Flood Of Lies (Harper, Scarlet) 4.21
Veronique (Harper, Slack) 2.20
Soldiers Of Fortune (Harper, Scarlet) 3.50
Working For The D.B's (Harper) 1.38
Tampa Bay (Harper, Scarlet) 2.21
After The War (Harper, Slack) 3.39

Run-out groove: FALL LP 018 A1 (Sig 3)  UTOPIA  FAB  MPO

Side Two:

Violent Revolution ((Harper, Scarlet) 2.57
In The Red (Harper, Slack) 2.55
Dress Code (Harper, Scarlet) 3.40
Revenge Of The Jelly Devils (Harper, Slack) 2.05
In The Wild (Harper) 3.28
Seas Of Mars (Harper, Slack) 5.08

Run-out groove: FALL LP 018 B1  (Sig3)  UTOPIA  NICE MUSIC FOR NOSHETTES

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Captain Scarlet
Bass: Steve Slack
Drums: Steve J. Jones


First album release on Fall Out with a completely new line-up (apart from Mr Harper of course) though Jones and Slack had played in the band before any studio recordings were made neither of them would last beyond the next album leaving just Charlie and Captain Scarlet. Steve Jones did however, return on drums for the Magic EP.

Credited as a Scarlet Records Production release through Fall-Out Records on the label and Scarlet Records/Jungle on the sleeve. The catalogue number (S.I.G.3) is a call sign taken from the 1960s TV series that Captain Scarlet took his stage name from; S.I.G (Spectrum Is Green).

A subsequent pressing shows the distribution had changed from I.D.S to Jungle / Cartel, see image below.

The CD; 'The Fall Out Punk Singles Collection' on Anagram has these notes by Alan Hauser (Founder of Fall Out)

"Fall Out Records started early 1982 as an outlet for the flourishing third-wave of punk. The perpetrators - Alan Hauser and Steve Brown - came up with the name and logo in about two mintes at a bar: 'Fall Out' because of punk's lyrical pre-occupation witha nuclear impending doom; and a 'magic mushroom' instead of a nuclear one because of the punk predilection for mind enhancement and distortion. (Or escapism - you decide!)

...Although Fall Out was conceived as an arm of Jungle Records, for a while it was our most prolific label. Fall Out Records still continues today, mostly as the outlet for UK Subs recordings."


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FALL LP018/SIG3 Side 1 Side 1                       FALL LP018/SIG3 Side 2 Side 2

Test Pressing Side 1 Test Pressing Side 2


  • Above: Later pressing showing different distributor.
    Image courtesy of Gary Lawrence.


From the Les Reid music press collection

  • Above: Sounds, 5th November 1983, review of LP.
  • Below: Punk Lives magazine (Issue 7 pp 24-25) interview with Charlie, including the story of the inspiration for the song Veronique.

From the Stuart Fletcher U.K. Subs collection  From the Stuart Fletcher U.K. Subs collection


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