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Cat. No: NRA06CD
New Red Archives
Recorded:  22nd to 28th July 1988
Released: 1988

Track Listing:

Yellowman (Garratt/Harper)
Motivator (Harper)*
Lower East Side (Garratt/Harper)
Drag Me Down (Gibbs)$%
Never Say You Won't (Garratt)>
Megalopolis (Garratt/Harper)
Planet I (Garratt)>
Kiling Time (Garratt/Harper)@
Holy Land (Gibbs)%
American Motors (Garratt/Harper)
Big Apple (Garratt/Harper)#
Killing With Kindness (Garratt/Harper)
Sabre Dance (Khachaturian)@
No Heart (Garratt)@>
Fear To Go (Gibbs)%
Nico (Garratt/Harper)

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper/Alvin Gibbs%/Nicky Garratt>
Guitar,Slide Guitar & Piano: Nicky Garratt
Lead Guitar: Andy McCoy$
Bass: Alvin Gibbs/Ryk*/Nicky Garratt@/Andy McCoy#
Drums: Belvy K



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