From the collection of Nicky Garratt

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Tour itinerary for Brazil/Argentina 2001


05/09/01 - Arrive in Sao Paulo, Brazil from London and San Francisco

06/09/01 - Rehearsal in Sao Paulo, Brazil

07/09/01 - Show; Cemento - Buenos Aires, Argentina

    "         - TV interview Muchmusic

    "         - Rock 'N' Pop radio interview

    "          - Press interview Buenos Aires Herald

08/09/01 - Recording session Mr. Som recording studio

09/09/01 - Show; Bar 54 - Campinas, Brazil

10/09/01 - Garagem Radio Show, Brazil

11/09/01 - World Trade Center attack which we watched in the lobby area of the hotel (Real Castilha) with Derrick Green, the singer of Sepultura. That night we played Musichaos TV which can be seen on Youtube. (Links on our chronological archive here)

12/09/01 - Recording session Mr. Som recording studio

13/09/01 - Recording session Mr. Som recording studio

I'm not sure we used all of these days in the studio but they were all booked. We recorded Philips Environmental and Teroristos. Of course Teroristos was about 9/11 (the day earlier), and you can hear one of the Brazilian guys from the studio at the fade doing a 'radio' report.

14/09/01 - Show; Hanger 110 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

15/09/01 - Show; Hanger 110 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

16/09/01 - Show; Fundicao Progresso - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

At this point the planes to the USA were grounded so we stayed in Paraty on the coast for a few days (except Alvin who got a flight back to Europe). I spent a couple of days on a deserted tropical island while the others went fishing.

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