UK, 1980, GEMLP 106 BNA

France, 1980, PL43206

Germany, 1980, PL43206

Greece, 1980, RCLP 20157

Japan, 1980, RVP6473

New Zealand, 1980, VPLI 7345

Portugal, 1980, PL43206

Spain, 1980, PL43206

USA, 1980, PB25214

UK, 1991, AABT 802 LP

Italy, 2005, GET133

UK, 2009, AHOY PD 136

UK, 2015, DEMREC70


News story

  • Above: Release news story, Record Mirror, 12th April 1980. 


From the Mark Chadderton U.K. Subs collection

  • Above: Promoting the Brand New Age LP (unknown origin for cutting)
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Brand New Age

  • Above: Brand New Age press ad, unknown origin.
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Sounds advert

  • Above: Album advert, Sounds, 12th April 1980, page 36


  • Below: Martin Prophet submitted the below flyer, which "was carefully peeled off a billboard to put in my bedroom! Just wish I'd kept it."
    The flyer is from the 31 May 1980 Manchester gig.
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BNA flyer

Bizarrely - 'Kicks' - featured on Brand New Age hilariously featured on the childrens show Sooty & Sweep in 1981 - series 1 episode 4, entitled 'Music', which you can enjoy below.

The puppets clearly have great taste, loving the Subs and Beethoven, two of the all time class acts in musical history!

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