Charlie plays the George Robey, London, England

Line up:
Charlie Harper – vocals & harmonica
Dave Dudley – guitar
Peter Davies – bass
? – drums


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  • Above: Gig advert. Image courtesy of Steve Harnett.


  • Above: Gig photo. Image courtesy of Steve Harnett.


Dave Dudley had this to say about this gig:

"Yeah! This was a real last minute pick up band - even by Harper's standards!!
The bass player was called Peter Davies (really! - no relation). I met him two minutes before the sound check and I seem to remember he knew of two Subs songs. He spent the gig trying to busk along not entirely that well! I certainly never saw or heard of him again!
I can't remember the drummist at all. But I think he was a last minute pick up as well.
I only got asked to do the gig that afternoon! Harper 'phoned me up and said, "Dave, I hear you've got a new Telecaster..." And I had. It's in the pic all brand new and shiny! I suspect it was its first outing! I still have it of course. It's not so new and shiny now."

Cheers Dave


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