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Cat. No: PID 927863
MSI Music
1981 - 2001
16th June 2006

Track Listing:

Self Destruct (Garratt/Harper)<
Ship Wrecked (Gibbs/Harper)$+
Enemy Awaits (Garratt)#+
War of the Roses (Garratt)<
Police State (Garratt/Harper)<
New Barbarians (Harper)+
Keep On Running (Gibbs/Harper)^
Limo Life (Garratt/Harper)+
Postcard From L.A. (Garratt/Harper)*@
Betrayal (Garratt/Harper)>
Nobody Move (Garratt/Harper)>
Beer Police (Garratt/Harper)@
Teroristos (Garratt/Harper)%
Philips Environmental (Harper)%

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper/Alvin Gibbs$/Nicky Garratt#
Nicky Garratt
2nd Guitar on Nobody Move: Terry Bones
Bass: Alvin Gibbs/Jacek Otoya*/Gregor Kramer>
Mal Asling</Kim Wylie (John Towe)+/Steve Roberts^/Dave Ayer@/Matthew McCoy>/Jason Willer%

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