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Welcome to the Time & Matter guide to the world of the U.K. Subs bootleg!


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7" Singles


Flexi Discs




Geoff Cooper has kindly sent in some pictures of what must be one of the ultimate Subs collectors items. We also asked Geoff for some background information regarding his Subs flexis:

"I guess I have had these 6-8 years, and I think I paid £20-30. I seem to remember at the time that a few weeks before the purchase, at least one or two appeared on e-bay and sold for similar amounts. Apart from that the only info I have are that they are stamped on the reverse with "33RPM U.K.SUBS and then either NEW YORK STATE POLICE / TEENAGE / EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL". Each copy is numbered both on the back cover and on each of the actual discs.
On each front cover is typed "COBETCKHE TPAMNNACTHHKH"*, although some of the letters I don't recognise. Possibly means Bootleg?

  • New York State Police is on a green cover with drawings of young males and females on the front and a gramaphone on the reverse plus stamp. Contains a green flexi (numbered 790).
  • Teenage is on a white cover with a drawing of 2 russian dolls on the front and just the stamp on the reverse. Contains a clear flexi (numbered 789).
  • Emotional Blackmail is on a brown cover identical to that of Teenage. Flexi also brown (numbered 791).

I seem to remember that the previous ones sold were possibly on different colour flexis to the ones I purchased. Is it a coincidence that my 3 flexis have consecutive numbers?"

It is thought that these were released in the early 1980s, but it is unknown as to in what quantity, or if there were other U.K. Subs releases? Please contact us if you have additional information...

Thanks Geoff for sharing these priceless items from your collection, this is exactly the sort of stuff we hoped to be able to share with others, when we started this website for fellow Subs nuts! Don't horde - share!

More info on Russian flexi discs has recently been published on the excellent God Save The Sex Pistols website. Visit here. Previous Russian flexi disc feature here.

  • * INFORMATION UPDATE - 5 JULY 2010 - From Przemek Kwadrat

* "Грампластинка" means vinyl record in Russian


12" Singles