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T&M 002: Soft Lights And Loud Guitars (DVD)

Only £8.00 plus postage

T&M 002

Recorded using three cameras by the Dorset based film collective Radar Proof Recordings, this superb new DVD captures the Subs at their penultimate gig of the winter 2009 tour, which saw the return of original bassman Paul Slack.

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Capturing the band in their natural environment, the DVD demonstrates the perennial appeal of the hardest working band on the planet. This is a classic Subs performance, skilfully filmed and edited by real music fans and presented here for your enjoyment.

'Soft Lights And Loud Guitars' features a pre-gig interview with Charlie Harper, set list song stories, 3 exclusive Radar Proof Recordings promotional videos plus two rare videos from the Time & Matter archives.

Every copy comes with a limited edition and individually autographed postcard
featuring an exclusive introduction by Paul Slack.

Photographs courtesy of Gemma Eggle (LibraSnake Photography)
and Tony Suspect (Suspect Device Fanzine)


18 December 2009

Track listing:

B.1.C / Kicks / Squat 96 / Emotional Blackmail / Left For Dead / Rockers /
Bitter & Twisted / Limo Life / Endangered Species / Killer / Blues /
Tomorrows Girls / Teenage / Warhead / Riot / Stranglehold / C.I.D /
I Live In A Car / I Couldn’t Be You / Disease / Hey! Santa / Strychnine /
Party In Paris / She’s Not There / New York State Police

Band Line Up:

Charlie Harper - vocals / Jet Storm - guitar / Paul Slack - bass / Jamie Oliver - drums

Grab yourself a real bargain, and it's for charity as well 

More information on Charlie's Charitable Causes - click here

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The Dorset based TAPED webzine/website has produced a Promotional DVD for the forthcoming Time & Matter/Radar Proof Recordings DVD release 'Soft Lights And Loud Guitars'.
Promo DVD cover   - click image to enlarge

On the DVD are promo videos for Riot and Strychnine, which were put together for the new U.K. Subs DVD, plus alternative edits of C.I.D and Emotional Blackmail. A Charlie Harper interview clip from the DVD extras section is also on there.
Also included is stuff from the Radar Proof Recordings' recent Vibrators DVD release. This is a clip of Pure Mania as well as an excerpt from the DVD extras' Knox interview. Also included is the RPR promo video for Under The Radar.
Local Bournemouth punk band Self Abuse also feature with two tracks, Teenage, filmed at Champions in November 2009 and Derelict from The Portman in April 2010. Another local band The Subatomics also have videos included. 

Around 50 copies of the DVD will be given away FREE at the U.K. Subs gig in Winchester this coming Sunday. 50 more will go at the C-30s gig on 12th June at Champions, Bournemouth. Further copies will be given away free in June with about 200 copies being printed up in all.