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Jamie Oliver’s other bands!The many faces of Mr Jamie Oliver - click image to enlarge

As you may have seen by the links on the right of the Time & Matter homepage, the U.K. Subs’ sticksman Jamie Oliver has his fingers in many pies!

So here is the latest news on a couple of Jamie’s ‘side-projects’, namely
Sci-Fi Mafia and Dumbjaw.

Sci-Fi Mafia:

Sci-Fi Mafia: from left to right - Nat Page, Pippin Willow Wood, Kirsty Loewy, John Bambury, Jase Vine, Mark Chez Roseby, Jamie Oliver. Click to enlarge
Sci-Fi Mafia are playing at Hard Rock Hell Road Trip in Ibiza on Thursday 2nd June, there is absolutely loads going on for this 6-day event, check it out at the Hard Rock Hell Road Trip website here.
Jamie commented to T&M that "...the Ibiza gig is gonna be nuts. We have firebreathers, angle grinders and everything, it's mental!"

Check out the Sci-Fi Mafia website HERE
Check out the Sci-Fi Mafia Facebook page HERE



Dumbjaw will be playing The Bull and Gate in Kentish Town, London on Sunday 5th June... if Mr Oliver makes it back from Ibiza!!! Tongue outJamie Oliver - click to enlarge if ya dare!

Buy tickets for the 5th June gig HERE 

Forthcoming Dumbjaw gig:
May 29th - The Crown, Nuneaton
May 29th - The Crew, Nuneaton
June 5th - The Bull and Gate, London

Check out the Dumbjaw website HERE
Check out the Dumbjaw Facebook page HERE

Meanwhile, Jamie still drums for Short Bus Window Lickers, and a bit of further news is that Jamie will be playing for Texas Terrible at this year's Rebellion Festival too, "I think I'm doing 4 shows that weekend!" said the Subs' busy-boy drummer!