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WINNING BID: £750-00

Regular readers of this website will know that the recent Time & Matter limited edition UK Subs ‘Tour In Progress’ DVD raised £730 for the ‘charity fund’ for Jet's family in Japan. Yuko has also had a ‘Japanese earthquake relief fund’ box on the merchandise desk at Subs gigs, which will be ended 7th August, the last date of this year’s Rebellion Festival in Blackpool.
Jet, who endured and survived the March earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan then started to think what he could do himself to help. Jet decided to 'sell' one of his guitars and donate all profit to Hitachi City in Japan, where he originally comes from.
The guitar he decided to ‘auction’ is called a Sparrow guitar, being a Rat Rod Ace model. More extensive details and photos can be viewed here.
Jet approached Time & Matter to administer the auction and it was decided to run it for two weeks. There was much interest as the auction eventually saw 12 seperate bidders and 27 bids in total, with a flurry of bids in the final few hours.
The winning bid was finally made by Mark Jones from Nuneaton, in Warwickshire, UK. Mark's bid of £730 eventually won him Jet's guitar, and as soon as T&M contacted him with the good news, he instantly stated he would "round it up an extra £20 to £750." TOP MAN! Cool

Mark Jones, click image to enlarge

Jet told T&M that he'd to thank everybody who has bid on my guitar. I am very happy with the result! I will donate all profit directly to my hometown next time I go there which is planned this October. Thanks again!

That only leaves us to hear from Mark (pictured left) on what winning the guitar means to him:

"Blimey, I can’t quite believe it, I am the new owner of Jet’s guitar! As far as my UK Subs memorabilia goes it’s a big step up from snatching set lists at the end of a gig and pestering the band to autograph them! I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have won. I have re-assured Jet that it is coming to a good home and I have every intention of using it. I had been in a band until recently… just a covers band doing charity bashes, birthday parties and stuff, but it was good fun and a great excuse to make a racket. I have been on the look-out for a new band and I am even more determined to get something sorted out now as this guitar needs to be seen and heard! If anyone fancies starting up a Subs covers band let me know! I have been a fan of the Subs since buying ‘Stranglehold’ all the way back in ‘79 and the latest ‘Work In Progress’ album is as good as anything before it. They are also a cracking band live and always have the time to speak to you. There are so many great songs to choose from but here is a stab at my top 5: ‘Tomorrows Girls’, ‘Barbie’s Dead’, ‘Teenage’, ‘Endangered Species’ and ‘Bitter & Twisted’. Thanks again to Jet for putting his guitar up for auction. By winning it I am pleased to have helped in some way… and did I mention that I AM THE NEW OWNER OF JET’S GUITAR! All the best to everyone..."


...and a very well done to Mark...