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Time and Matter website e-Bay charity auction account started Click here to visit our secure BigCartel site


To augment our charity label Time & Matter Recordings, in which we raise money for charitable causes personally chosen by Charlie Harper, the website admins have decided to open an e-Bay auction account to sell items for 'Charlie's Charitable Cause'.
Time & Matter has already raised in excess of £2,000 over the last two years.
We will be selling one rare item at a time, but from time to time we will also auction off other U.K. Subs material such as posters, CDs, vinyl and various ephemera.
Promo copy with CD - click to enlargeWe have already had some incredibly exciting 'donations' from both Charlie Harper and Nicky Garratt, which need to be carefully catalogued for this archive before we auction them off.
Our first item up for auction however, is a promo copy of our recently sold out 'Product Supply' 7" single. It is one of only 15 promo copies produced, 10 of which have already gone to band members and people associated with its production and release.
The other 4 will also be auctioned in this way in due course.
This promo copy includes the full white vinyl 7" release in picture sleeve, but instead of a number 1 to 250, it has 'PROMO/250' on the back.
An A4 release information sheet plus a promo laser-labelled CD version of all three tracks are also part of this promotional item. See the image to the right - click to enlarge.

In short, this is a real Subs collectors' item.

Please save us to your favourite sellers via your e-Bay account:

Product Supply promo 7" on auction HERE


The following news story appeared on the homepage:


Uber Rock website review of Product Supply

The excellent website Uber Rock carried the following review of this website's charity single PRODUCT SUPPLY:

The Uber Rock Singles Club

Written by Johnny H   
Sunday, 30 October 2011 05:00

Long before John McManus was declaring his baby loved to move when the needle was in the grove or Eddie Vedder was venting his spleen over the delights of spinning the black circle, I had amassed a mighty collection of LP records that were not all scratched and were simply my life's pride and joy.  Vinyl was, and still is in my blood and that's why when anything on that format arrives at URHQ, Gaz tends to ring fence it for me to get a full on robot chubby over.  So what follows is H Bombz Vinyl Countdown of the last few months' arrivals and a much needed vinyl injection for those of you with audiophile tendencies.


UK_Subs_PS_Sold_OutFirst out of the review traps then comes the UK Subs and their collector's white vinyl 7" version of 'Product Supply' released via T&M.  This hand numbered rarity of only 250 copies has been released in support of the Japanese Tsunami appeal the band have been running to help their guitarist Jet's family overcome the aftermath of those terrible events that happened earlier this year.  Using the power of music to raise over £1,300 this single is by and large already sold out but if you check out Time and Matters website you may still be able to get your hands on a limited number of test pressings that are rumoured to be becoming available very soon. 


So why all the fuss?  Well this single contains 3 rare as hell tracks recorded at the tail end of the band's 2005 US tour, and features the classic trio of Harper/Garret and Gibbs ably assisted by Jason Willer on drums doing exactly what the UK Subs do best - playing old school punk rock 'n' roll. Lead track 'Product Supply' is a glorious stomper that you will also find as a secret track on the recent Captain Oi 'Complete Singles Collection', but if you want to hear 'Rare Disease' and my personal fave 'Embryo' then you'll either have to have been lucky enough to have got one of these beauties already or keep watching the internet for any spares that might turn up.


A great musical tribute for a very worthwhile cause.