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Captain Oi! November pre-Xmas U.K. Subs sale

Get yer Subs bargains folks! Click image to enlarge

The world's favourite punk record label CAPTAIN OI! are having a sale in the month of November.
However, unlike normal Christmas sales that happen in December when people are busy buying family gifts and silly amounts of food, Captain Oi! will be having a NOVEMBER SALE!
This gives people a chance to either get some Christmas presents early or treat themselves before the festive season bleeds them dry!
All the Captain Oi! single CDs (including DigiPaks) are £6.99 including delivery to the UK (£1 postage for Europe and £2 postage for Rest Of The World).

For the SUBS faithful, this means that the current deals available are:
ANOTHER KIND OF BLUES - £6.99 inc UK DELIVERY - click here
BRAND NEW AGE - £6.99 inc UK DELIVERY - click here
CRASH COURSE - £6.99 inc UK DELIVERY - click here
ENDANGERED SPECIES - £6.99 inc UK DELIVERY - click here
UNIVERSAL - £6.99 inc UK DELIVERY - click here
WORK IN PROGRESS - £6.99 inc UK DELIVERY - click here

A quick reminder also that the Captain's extra special offer of the 2 Work In Progress vinyl represses on orange and white vinyl is still on, so these can still be picked up for £20 for the pair. Click here.
Please note that the recent magnificent Double CD UK SUBS COMPLETE PUNK SINGLES COLLECTION clamshell box set is not in the sale. Remember though, that there is a hidden track on the end of CD2: Product Supply! Still a fabulous bargain at £12-99.
All the Captain's other releases are in the sale so there are bargains galore to be had - check out the full range by CLICKING HERE

Remember remember the Captain Oi! CD sale in NOVEMBER... One month only folks!


The following news story appeared on the T&M homepage:



Pelirocco Platters logoCharlie Harper's recent recorded interview with Radio Reverb on Thursday 20th October, is now available to listen to (and/or download) on SOUNDCLOUD via the Pelirocco Platters account. With the full show clocking in at just less than 2 hours, this is a fascinating chat with Charlie, covering a wide range of subjects as well as some of his favourite music. In short - an essential listen!
The show was originally broadcast on Tuesday 25th October in relation to the Subs playing at the Volks Club in Brighton on 11th December. Pelirocco Platters is boadcast twice a week on Brighton's community Radio Reverb (97.2 FM).
The show reflects the DJ Mick Habeshaw Robinson's love and involvement in Punk, Acid House, Soul music etc.
Mick also owns and runs the Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton, a real Rock 'N' Roll hotel and his show relates stories from the hotel and the people who pass through its doors.
The second half of the show features guests from Punk legends, to Brighton promoters, up and coming bands, authors - all people who love music. They play 8 of their favourite songs/bands and tell their own story. There are plenty of other great listens on the SoundCloud Pelirocco Platters' account such as Don Letts, Kirk Brandon and of especial interest is the Monica and The Explosion interview featuring ex-Subs bass legend Paul Slack.
Please also check out the Radio Reverb website HERE