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A Statement from Charlie Harper

On behalf of the band I would like to send our apologies to anyone who turned up at the recent Damned show in Brighton on Sunday 13th November, in expectation of seeing the U.K. Subs as support. Unfortunately, the band was never booked to play this gig.

The promoter from Brighton did ask us if we wanted to support the Damned, and we initially said yes. However, that was last year. He asked the Subs to support the Damned on the 19th of November, which we then could do, but then he changed the date to the 13th which we knew nothing about. Subsequent to this, the Motörhead tour was offered to us and accepted and we wrote to him but got no reply. We tried to call the promoter; we left messages but still had no response.
We then got in touch with the Damned’s management, who said they knew nothing about the Subs supporting, and if we hear nothing from Mark the promoter from Brighton then we should just forget it. So we did forget it.
Additionally, the same promoter also booked us for a gig on the Isle of Wight in April this year, a show that turned out to be bogus. Even after that there has been no contact.
We are led to believe that the tickets said “Special Guests: UK Subs” on them, and that there were a number of colour flyers distributed around the area in recent months with this same blatant false information.
Unfortunately, it transpires that this ‘promoter’ has just used our name to sell more tickets. I would further stress that there has to be a lot of correspondence between band and promoter. In this case, there was none. Thanks to Tony from for the photo. Click to enlargeThe venue didn’t know we were ‘advertised’ to play and nor did the Damned. Either could have easily contacted us that evening and this is more than a simple fuck up. This is a case of someone conning people out of a great deal of money, when you consider those who travelled a great distance to see this show, thinking the Subs would be there.
We are truly sorry if any Subs fan was put out, but we do have a Brighton show at the Volks Club on Sunday the 11th of December. We certainly hope you will be there, we definitely will.

Charlie Harper. U.K. Subs.

In addition to Charlie’s statement, the website editors would stress that the U.K. Subs websites are always kept bang up to date, so if you are ever in doubt about any gig, then please get in touch.
Thanks to Tony from for the ticket photo. Click to enlarge.