Please contact us if you have any additional information regarding U.K. Subs gigs from this year.

The below dates will be linked to our chronological archive for further information

9 January: Gig in London, UK (Bridge House II)
15 January: Gig in Vosselaar, Belgium
16 January: Gig in Drachten, Holland
17 January: Gig in Nijmegen, Holland
19 January: Gig in Düsseldorf, Germany
20 January: Gig in Berlin, Germany
21 January: Gig in Bremen, Germany
22 January: Gig in Husum, Germany
23 January: Gig in Lübeck, Germany
25 January: Gig in Hamburg, Germany
26 January: Gig in Rostock, Germany
27 January: Gig in Malmö, Sweden
28 January: Gig in Göteborg, Sweden
29 January: Gig in Stockholm, Sweden
30 January: Gig in Helsinki, Finland 

1 February: Gig in Vilnius, Lithuania 
2 February: Gig in Bialystok, Poland
3 February: Gig in Warsaw, Poland
4 February: Gig in Krakow, Poland
5 February: Gig in Kadan, Czech Republic
6 February: Gig in Nürnberg, Germany
7 February: Gig in Wien, Austria
8 February: Gig in Prague, Czech Republic
10 February: Gig in Olomouc, Czech Republic
12 February: Gig in München, Germany
13 February: Gig in Luzern, Switzerland
16 February: Gig in Badalone, Spain
17 February: Gig in Alicante, Spain
18 February: Gig in Madrid, Spain
19 February: Gig in Vigo, Spain
20 February: Gig in Arrasate, Spain
23 February: Gig in Lucca, Italy
24 February: Gig in Palermo, Italy
25 February: Gig in Milan, Italy
26 February: Gig in Parma, Italy
27 February: Gig in Bassano Del Grappa, Italy
28 February: Gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia

2 March: Gig in Belgrade, Serbia
3 March: Gig in Zagreb, Croatia
4 March: Gig in Zadar, Croatia
5 March: Gig in Rijeka, Croatia
6 March: Gig in Ravne na Koroskem, Slovenia
10 March: Gig in Frankfurt, Germany
11 March: Gig in Karlsruhe, Germany
13 March: Gig in Aachen, Germany
25 March: Gig in Bristol, UK
26 March: Gig in Camberley, UK
27 March: Gig in London, UK (Rebellion Festival) 

3 April: Gig in Buckingham, UK    
7 April: Gig in Leamington Spa, UK  
17 April: Gig in Annecy, France (Cancelled)   
22 April: Gig in Dijon, France  
23 April: Gig in Limoges, France  
24 April: Gig in Callac, France  
25 April: Gig in Nantes, France  
26 April: Gig in Paris, France  
27 April: Gig in Liege, Belgium  
28 April: Gig in Arlon, Belgium

6 May: Gig in Bournemouth, UK (Cancelled) 
7 May: Gig in Hastings, UK
8 May: Gig in Norwich, UK
9 May: Gig in Reading, UK
13 May: Gig in Barnsley, UK (Cancelled)
14 May: Gig in Doncaster, UK
15 May: Gig in Ashton-under-Lyme, UK
16 May: Gig in Sheerness, UK
17 May: Gig in Cardiff, UK
21 May: Gig in Pisek, Czech Republic
22 May: Gig in Prague, Czech Republic
24 May: Gig in London, UK (The Gaff)
29 May: Gig in Hednesford, UK
30 May: Gig in Winchester, UK

3 June: Gig in Newcastle, UK 
4 June: Gig in Leeds, UK
5 June: Gig in Bedford, UK
10 June: Gig in Telford, UK
11 June: Gig in York, UK
12 June: Gig in Rotherham, UK
18 June: Gig in Derby, UK
19 June: Gig in Crewe, UK
25 June: Gig in Tunbridge Wells, UK
26 June: Gig in Kettering, UK

2 July: Gig in Gillingham, UK
3 July: Gig in Redhill, UK
7 July: Gig in Gateshead, UK
8 July: Gig in Carlisle, UK
9 July: Gig in Glasgow, UK
10 July: Gig in Aberdeen, UK
15 July: Gig in Scarborough, UK
16 July: Gig in Edinburgh, UK
17 July: Gig in Bolton, UK
18 July: Gig in Peterborough, UK
22 July: Gig in Almeria, Spain
23 July: Gig in Saville, Spain
24 July: Gig in La Hoya Near Albox, Spain
25 July: Gig in Sorbas, Spain
31 July: Gig in Pentrich, UK

7 August: Gig in Blackpool, UK (Rebellion Festival) 
14 August: Gig in Ipswich, UK
21 August: Gig in Gosport, UK

10 September: Gig in Nottingham, UK
11 September: Gig in Durham, UK

8 October: Gig in Milton Keynes, UK 
9 October: Gig in Midsomer Norton, UK
13 October: Gig in McAllen, USA
14 October: Gig in Houston, USA
15 October: Gig in Dallas, USA
16 October: Gig in San Antonio, USA
17 October: Gig in El Paso, USA
19 October: Gig in San Jose, USA
20 October: Gig in San Francisco, USA
21 October: Gig in Santa Ana, USA
22 October: Gig in Redondo Beach, USA
23 October: Gig in Victorville, USA
24 October: Gig in San Diego, USA
31 October: Gig in Hasselt, Belgium

4 November: Gig in Selby, UK
5 November: Gig in Glasgow, UK
6 November: Gig in Birmingham, UK
12 November: Gig in Mansfield, UK
13 November: Gig in Nuneaton, UK
14 November: Gig in Winchester, UK
18 November: Gig in Manchester, UK
19 November: Gig in Hertford, UK
20 November: Gig in Sheerness, UK
25 November: Gig in Gloucester, UK
26 November: Gig in Weston Super Mare, UK
27 November: Gig in Brighton, UK 

3 December: Gig in Bournemouth, UK
4 December: Gig in Margate, UK
9 December: Gig in Gateshead, UK
10 December: Gig in Derby, UK
11 December: Gig in Leicester, UK
12 December: Gig in Birkenhead, UK
14 December: Gig in Exeter, UK
15 December: Gig in Plymouth, UK
16 December: Gig in Bristol, UK
17 December: Gig in Southampton, UK
18 December: Gig in London, UK (The Relentless Garage) (With Menace /Vibrators)