T&Ms Marc Brekau recently caught up with Monica on her tour of Australia to publicise her new album 'Keep It Alive!' - CLICK HERE TO READ HIS GIG REVIEWS WITH YOUTUBE FOOTAGE OF THE ENTIRE GIG TO ENJOY AS WELL...


BELOW IS OUR COVERAGE OF MONICA & THE EXPLOSION WITH PAUL SLACK'S INVOLVEMENT... The Time & Matter website admins continue to support Monica by running her Facebook page - click here to visit and 'like'...



The following news story appeared on the T&M homepage on 17 September 2012:


Ex-Subs bassist PAUL SLACK has made the following statement concerning his involvement with Monica and The Explosion:

News regarding Monica and The Explosion

Following her recent illness Monica has decided to remain in Sweden on a permanent basis. Therefore we’ve decided to end our personal and musical partnership with immediate effect.
We would both like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the last two and a half years.
For future news on Monica visit www.monicaandtheexplosion.com
Or for Paul visit https://www.facebook.com/paul.slack.39
You can also follow Paul on Twitter @pauldotbass

Paul's new Blog - click here
Paul's old T&M Blog - click here




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Logo by KT Slack - click to enlarge Click here to go to the Monica and The Explosion Gigography page


Jul. 28th Hull Trinity Festival: The Corn Exchange, Kingston upon Hull, UK
Jul. 29th Hull Trinity Festival: The Jaz Bar, Kingston upon Hull, UK
Aug. 2-5th Rebellion Festival, Blackpool, UK
Aug. 9th Le Galion, Loreint, France
Aug. 10th Hotel du Theatre, Dinan, France
Aug. 13th Les Valseuses, Lannion, France
Aug. 15th Hotel du Port, Piriac, France, w/Roman Electric Band
Aug. 16th Hotel du Port, Piriac, France, w/Roman Electric Band
Aug. 23th Le Korrigans, Trémentines, France
Aug. 24th TBA, Orléans, France
Aug. 25th Houlala Rock Bar, Bergerac, France


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See advert below

Available at Monica & Paul's forthcoming gigs at only £2-99.

Or BUY online at the Radar Proof Recordings' secure BIG CARTEL site HERE



04/09/2012: Paul Slack gig with Allegra Shock


Ex-Subs bassist PAUL SLACK will be playing live with Allegra Shock on Sunday, 16th September at The Wheelbarrow in Camden, London.
Full details archived on T&M HERE


12/08/2012: Paul to guest with Roman Electric Band

Paul has been invited to play onstage with the excellent ROMAN ELECTRIC BAND for possibly 3 of their forthcoming gigs in France 13th to 17th August inclusive.
Click here to read the full story

25/07/2012: Get Well Soon Monica!Monica - click to enlarge

Time & Matter website regrets to report that ex-Subs bassist Paul Slack has had to "announce that Monica and the Explosion have cancelled all of their gigs for the foreseeable future. Monica is currently in Sweden receiving specialist treatment for an acute illness and will require a lengthy period of recuperation."
T&M would like to send our heartfelt wishes to both Paul, and to Monica and here's hoping for Monica's speedy recovery...

16/07/2012: MaTE interview on the radio

The band were interviewed and broadcast on RadioReverb at 7pm on 12 July.

The Monica and Paul interview starts around 30 minutes into the programme...

10/07/2012: Retroman Blog footage and review of 30 June gig

Below is 'Shut Up!' performed at the Half Moon in Putney on June 30th

Read a review of the full gig HERE

02/05/2012: Paul & Monica back in the studio

Paul and Monica are back in the studio today to finish off the forthcoming album.
Full T&M news story archived HERE

01/04/2012: Paul's Blog moves on...

After this website was hacked and disabled for a time from 12/3/12 Paul decided to start publishing his Blog, previously hosted here since March 2010 to a new Blogsite.
Read his first 'new' Blog HERE

Monica - click to enlarge08/03/2012: Pictures from the studio...

Below is a photo from the studio of Paul with a Duesenburg Starplayer semi-acoustic. Paul's only using it for one track and for the rest of the album he's using his trusted old Travis Bean... left is a photo by Paul of Monica recording some vocals...
Click images to enlarge

Paul in the studio 8.3.2012 - click to enlarge

05/03/2012: New album being recorded

Monica and Paul will be in the studio from the 5th to 9th March recording a brand new album. The yet-to-be titled album will be Monica's third long-player.
As with the last album, the recording will take place at Jigsaw Studios in Deeping St James, Peterborough.
Monica enthused to T&M that everyone was "very excited with the plan to put down 11 tracks during the week", with there being "some very new ones as well as a number that the band have been playing live for some time." The new album will include such titles as 'I Wanna Go Home', 'Franglehead', 'Tonight!', 'The Vulcano Song', and 'You Can't Take This Heart'.
The production team will be the same as the 'Shut Up!' recording sessions, that of Monica, Paul, Rob Baylis, drummer with Dun 2 Def and engineer Tom Savage.
Full news story (with extra info and links) archived on T&M HERE

Steve Worrall pictured with his favourite bass... Mr Slack's - click image to enlarge18/02/2012: Retro Man Blog gig review

Steve Worrall's brilliant Retro Man Blog has just published a superb review of the band's recent (8/2/12) gig at The Grey Lady Music Lounge in Royal Tunbridge Wells. There are also some great photos from the gig by the legendary Rock Press Photographer Paul Slattery to enjoy...

13/02/2012: New logo

New logo by Paul's daughter Kt Slack - click to enlargePaul's daughter Kt Slack has designed a new logo for the band (see right...)

02/02/2012: Paul Slack Fanzine interview

There is an interview with ex-Sub Paul Slack in the latest Positive Creed Fanzine. It's only available in a true printed fanzine format and is not available on the web. Here's how to obtain a copy...

Positive Creed - Number 12. Contact PO Box 777, Exeter, EX1 9TU, England. 50p plus an A4 SAE.
Positive Creed Facebook Page is here:

01/02/2012: New Monica interview

The Blogsite PUNK ROCK '77 THRU TODAY has today published an interview with Monica.
Click here to READ IT!

15/01/2012: New Album

The new Monica and The Explosion album is due to be recorded in March 2012. More news soon folks!

30/12/2011: Retro Man Blog feature

Steve Worrall's superb Retro Man blog website today carried a great article about Monica & Paul entitled 'Monica and The Explosion - A Swedish singer and a UK Sub!'

30/10/2011: Soundcheck Magazine interview published online

Monica & Paul interviewed in Soundcheck Magazine: CLICK HERE

Click image to enlarge

09/10/2011: SO magazine interview

Monica and The Explosion have been interviewed in the magazine SO Tunbridge Wells. It has been published in the October issue, and you can read it by clicking on the image to the right of this news story. Cheers to Monica for the scan. Laughing

01/10/2011: Magazine Interview

Soundcheck cover - click to enlargeMonica and The Explosion are one of the interviews being published in the November 2011 issue of SoundCheck magazine.

The cover is featured to the left, click the image to enlarge.

We will scan the feature for this website as soon as possible.

30/08/2011: Album ReviewScan of the original review - click to enlarge

Jane Connolly in SO Tunbrige Wells, Sept 2011:

"Shut Up!- Monica and The Explosion.

Female singers seem to be taking over the world right now, but if you want a break from the power ballads and quirky pop tracks, do not miss this feisty local musician.
Strongly flavoured with classic British punk, Monica Welander - a Swede now based in Tunbridge Wells - is not so much a breath of fresh air, as a force-10 gale of honest, funny lyrics and insanely catchy tunes. She doesn't mince her words, with tracks like Intoxicated summing up Saturday night romance in blunt and witty style, while the opener Take it Or Leave Me has toes tapping from the very first bar.
Any album that can put Culture Vulture in a good mood on Monday morning deserves the highest recommendation."

23/08/2011: BBC session and interview

From the BBC Kent website: "Roger Day (DJ) Roger welcomes ex-UK Subs bassist Paul Slack for a chat and live session with his new band." Screen print from the website below, click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge

16/08/2011:Interview and acoustic session for the BBC

Monica and the Explosion will be giving a live interview as well as performing an acoustic session for BBC Radio Kent next Tuesday 23rd August at 7:30pm.

July 2011: Interview with Monica and PaulClick image to enlarge

"Pelirocco platters with Monica and The Explosion"
Interview starts 50 minutes in...

The fourth major T&M interview has been published, this time with Paul Slack, with much input from Monica too... all from their February 2011 Australian tour.

26/04/2011: Band on RadioReverb in Brighton

Monica and Paul talked about music, life, the UK Subs and what's next for Monica and the
Explosion, as well as choosing some of their favourite tracks...

25/03/2011: Review of the new Monica and The Explosion DVD single

Check out the fab review by the Studs and Punks website of the Monica and The Explosion DVD by clicking the below logo...

Click here for the Monica DVD review

...text of the review is archived below:

CD Review - Monica And The Explosion - 3 Track DVD Single
Posted on: Fri , Mar 25 07:19 PM

So after catching up with Monica and Paul recently in Ipswich I got myself a copy of the DVD single as after enjoying the last CD ‘Shut Up’ so much I wondered if a DVD would be as good….

This three track DVD single was recorded Live at The Portman, Boscombe, Bournemouth
30/10/2010. The First thing you notice about this DVD is it has been Produced By Radar Proof Recordings who obviously know what they are doing as this is packaged and laid out very well.

So to the content:

Track 1 Take it or Leave Me is first up a great little bounce along song and the inclusion of Paul Slack on Bass adds a thickness and texture that is so enhancing to the music. The two of them are obviously enjoying this collaboration as it really shows in their interaction, this is also infectious to others LOVE IT. Now to the visuals the video is multi angled and makes great use of picture in picture, black and white and is very enjoyable to watch as well as listen too, and on a personal note plenty of shots of the Travis Bean !! haha

So that’s a good start as I have said before videos can either shine or be dire and this shines it adds to the song and makes it like your there with them, the sound quality considering this is Live is also Top class and crystal clear.

Track 2  Friday Night also from the last Cd another typical Monica song upbeat and a joy to listen too with the added Singalong factor proven by the fact Paul (probably hasn’t sung since she’s Not There – UK Subs) joins in on Backing vocals, which again adds a nice little bonus to the song and boosts those sections, as to the video again different to the last one with a red haze over the main visuals and some great background images of people enjoying themselves again this boosts and enhances the song as a good video should so that’s two out of two now to the final track.

Track 3 I want to Go Home a previously unreleased track which is a great bonus here its very bouncey and as catchy as you would want a song to be, as days later you find yourself just suddenly bursting into the hook line which can be quite embarrassing if you happen to be in Tesco doing ya shopping, also on this it really showcases Pauls wonderful walking bass style slick and Positive just like the man himself…if you have any doubt of that check out the Hat!!! Mr Cool.

So to the visuals for this, again different to the previous two this is grainy with flickery lines running through it, I especially like the screen when it splits into 16 images and more and again the video enhances the song it doesn’t ruin or over power just makes it even more enjoyable.
So there you go a 3 track DVD single a great idea and very well executed but then I expect nothing less form this pair, I urge you to get hold of this and give it a watch I know once you have you will want to catch these guys live as they tour round the country, and if you cant get to one of there shows why not book them for one they are a great addition to any line up

So there you go another HIT in the DVD camp and another great way to promote your band and music, Monica and The Explosion are a must see for 2011 if you haven’t seen them already and as I said if you haven’t seen the band with added Bass then it’s a whole different sound and one I for one am looking forward to hearing again soon.

These thoughts and words are the rantings of

Woodstock Punkrock


See advert below


Available at Monica & Paul's forthcoming gigs at only £2-99.

Or BUY online at the Radar Proof Recordings' secure BIG CARTEL site HERE

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  • Smålandsposten, TUVA KLINTHÄLL:

MONICA AND THE EXPLOSION - Shut Up (Hands Up Music) - 4/5
"Monica and the Explosion" or Monica Welander, which is her real name, is a punk rocking solo artist from Kalmar. Now she is living in England and releasing her second album “Shut up".
And "Shut Up" is a refreshing energy explosion. Those who have followed Monica from the start five years ago can tell a lot has happened. The debut album called "Monica and the Explosion" came in 2007, and in the very beginning Monica and the Explosion consisted of Monica and a vacuum cleaner. But now she has expanded with a backing band which works really well.
She is now joined by Paul Slack from UK Subs and Rob Baylis.
And “Shut Up” is a record that makes your legs wanna move to use that expression, with a voice that is close to Patti Smith's and with sassy lyrics Monica Welander is a well needed energy injection in a sometimes too flat music scene.
But it is not enough to just have attitude, to make a lasting impression you need something more and Monica and The Explosion has got that. She is a skilled guitarist and her lowest levels on “Shut Up” is very high. This is classic punk that belongs to the punk era before everything got commercialized and flat.
To leave Sweden for London has no doubt helped Monica Welander. "Shut Up" feels a more thorough album and you can clearly hear British punk influences."

Originally posted here (transcribed below):
Monica and the explosion eller Monica Welander som hon egentligen heter är en punkrockande soloartist från Kalmar. Just nu bor hon i London och släpper sitt andra album Shut up.
Och Shut up är en uppfriskande energiexplosion. För den som har följt Monica sedan starten för fem år sedan har en hel del hänt. Debutplattan Monica and the explosion kom 2007, och i begynnelsen bestod Monica and the explosion mest av Monica och en dammsugare. Men nu har hon utökat med ett kompband vilket är välbehövligt.
Med sig har hon Paul Slack från UK Subs och Rob Baylis.
Och Shut up är en platta som får det att spritta i benen om man får uttrycka det så, med en röst som rör sig i närheten av Patti Smiths och med kaxiga låttexter är Monica Welander en välbehövlig energiinjektion i den ibland alldeles för tillrättalagda musikvärlden.
Men det räcker inte bara med kaxig attityd, för att kunna göra ett bestående intryck måste man ha något mer att komma med och det har Monica and the explosion. Hon är en skicklig gitarrist och lägstanivån på Shut up är väldigt hög.
Det här är klassisk punk som tillhör den där punktiden innan allt blev kommersialiserat och tillrättalagt.
Att lämna Sverige för London har onekligen hjälp Monica Welander. Shut up känns mer genomarbetad och man kan höra tydliga engelska punkinfluenser.

  • Tommy Granlund in Östran:

"Kalmar's one woman punk rock band Monica and The Explosion has released her second album entitled Shut Up! (Hands Up Music). This time recorded in Peterborough with Paul Slack, who has been playing with both UK Subs and The Flying Padovanis.
Monica is still moving on in her special style that she has been touring with - all around the world for the last couple of years. Acoustic guitar and punk coloured songs that sometimes boil over with energy and enthusiasm.
This type of music is really made to be enjoyed live but Monica manages well to catch the natural live feeling in the studio with attack and bite in both her guitar strumming and her singing, as well as the songs themselves.
The "Best Song" is a song that really catches you, that kind of very successful song with a melody that has a pop feeling but put together in a punk attacking performance.
The title track "Shut Up!" also stands out a bit extra just like "Go (I Gotta Go)" which is one of the most intense songs.
And I really like "I Wanna Be Your Doll". There is a very special drive in the rhythm that makes it very delicate."

Originally posted here (transcribed below):
Kalmars enmanspunkband Monica And The Explosion har gett ut sitt andra album som fått titeln Shut Up! (Hands Up Music). Den här gången inspelat i Peterborough
tillsammans med Paul Slack som varit med i både UK Subs och Flying Padovanis.
Monica kör på i sin speciella stil som hon turnerat runt världen med i några år. Akustisk gitarr och punkfärgade låtar som ibland nästan kokar över av energi och entusiasm.
Egentligen är ju musikformen gjord för att avnjutas från livescener men Monica lyckas väl med att fånga den naturliga livekänslan i studion med attack och bett i såväl gitarrspelet som sången och själva låtarna.
The Best Song är en låt som biter till rejält, en sån där väldigt lyckad låt av typ melodi med popkänsla förpackat i punkens attackerande spelsätt.
Titellåten sticker också ut lite extra liksom Go (I Gotta Go) som är en av de mest intensiva låtarna.
Och jag gillar verkligen I Wanna Be Your Doll. Där finns ett speciellt driv i rytmiken som gör den väldigt läcker.


Click here to read this excellent review

MaTE at Rebellion 2010 - photo by Fishbones - click to enlarge


Here are some stats from Brendan re the recent "On the Verge" radio show, which shows Monica and The Explosion as the brand new most popular download:


Most Popular mp3s

1) (-) Monica and the Explosion "Go I Gotta Go" 16/9/10 DSFM
2) (-) Hooligan "Rebel Heart" 9/9/10 DSFM
3) (-) Brendan Hickey’s Launch Crew “Smaointe ag Snámh” Bewleys 2/9
4) (-) Noam Weinstein “Dumb Cows” 23/9/10 DSFM
5) (1) Rob Smith “Laugh all the Way to Town” 19/8/10 DSFM
6) (-) Robin James Hurt “Compatriot Set” 23/9/10 DSFM
7) (3) The Butterfly Graveyard “I’m Lost…..” 15/7/10 DSFM
8) (9) Jester “Far Off lands” 12/8/10 DSFM
9) (8) Emma O’Reilly “The Prince 27/5/10 DSFM
10) (4) Barry Hawk “Tripping on Your Love” 22/7/10 DSFM

Monica and Paul at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow - click image to enlarge


Big Cheese Mag - September 2010 cover - click to enlarge MaTE review - click to enlarge
Big Cheese Magazine - Issue 126 (September 2010) on sale now...

16/09/2010 - MaTE ON THE RADIO

Check out the live Monica and the Explosion performance on Dublin South FM, with JP bashing away on a rickety old chair...

The Monica and the Explosion INTERVIEW which included a LIVE performance of “I Wanna be Your Doll”, “More out of Life” from the Monica and the Explosion CD 'Shut Up' and another LIVE performance, this time of “Go I Gotta Go”.  The “Shut Up” title track is then played to conclude. TOP STUFF!


Click on the below logo or photo to read:

Monica and The Explosion at Rebellion review - click here to visit and read Monica at Rebellion - click here to see what Purple Revolver has to say!

Below: 16 September 2010 Balcony TV footage

August 2010 - BIG CHEESE MAGAZINE (Issue 125) REVIEW:

Monica and the Explosion – Shut Up!Actual review p95 - click to enlarge

  • Sassy Swede + Paul Slack + acoustic punk = jolly good time.

Acoustic punk? From Sweden?
With the bassist of punk rock legends U.K. Subs?
It may sound like a gimmick, but one listen to the album and any of those notions are soon dispelled.
Monica Welander is the front-woman of this three-piece band, and she’s got enough sass to pull the album together.
Songs like “Take It Or Leave Me” and “Shut Up” are fiery musings with a little bit of Joan Jett attitude thrown in.
The album might be a little rough at the edges but that only adds to it’s charm.
Let it explode out of your stereo and enjoy!

Review by Michael Bednar



1 JULY 2010 - Monica and The Explosion: Shut Up!

Paul Slack plays bass on the second album by Monica and The Explosion, called 'Shut Up!', which is released today.

Promo      sheet - click to enlarge

You can read about the making of this fantastic new album in Paul's exclusive Time & Matter website Blog (link on the right under All the Latest News) and at the foot of this news story are a selection of promo photos for its release and the album's cover... (photos by Ken Sharp)


Monica and The Explosion - MySpace website here




Only £8-00 plus postage and packing
Click the CD cover photo to purchase the brand new, totally fabulous Monica and The Explosion CD, with Paul Slack on bass. You will be taken to the secure Time & Matter Recordings Big Cartel site.
Go on - you know it makes sense - give yourself a real new musical treat!





Welcome! 12 Bar London, 18th November 2010, pic by Joanna Reich, click to enlarge