• 1 August 2012

Work In Progress Vinyl update

There were 500 copies for sale, but news reaches us today that all the vinyl is now completely sold out.

  • 14 December 2011


LTW logoThe brilliant LOUDER THAN WAR website is asking for its readers to vote for their favourite album of 2011. Please vote for the Subs' WORK IN PROGRESS, and hopefully it'll win the 2011 ALBUM OF THE YEAR POLL?

The poll is on the bottom right hand side...

  • 10 December 2011

Work In Progress Vinyl re-press update

There were 500 copies for sale, but news reaches us that less than 50 of each new colour are now left.
Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 18 October 2011

Work In Progress Vinyl re-press

Captain Oi have taken delivery of the new re-pressing of Work In Progress, there are two new colours to collect,  both never-before-released as U.K. Subs vinyl LP colours. Chosen by the T&M web-eds, the new colours will be ORANGE and WHITE, with the latter one chosen to tie-in with the recent T&M charity single release Product Supply, which also was pressed on white vinyl.
Full news story archived on T&M HERE
Buy the white vinyl HERE
Buy the orange vinyl HERE

  • 19 September 2011

Work In Progress re-press

As reported back on 14th June (see below), Captain Oi! will be re-pressing 'Work In Progress' for November for the Motorhead tour, in a run of 500 copies, with 250 of two different colours. The black and red vinyl versions of 'Work In Progress' are both sold out, so collectors, or those who missed out on the limited vinyl run first time round can look forward to buying the Subs' latest masterpiece on a different colour. After consultation with T&M, Captain Oi! will be repressing the LP in WHITE and ORANGE. Should be very nice!

  • 2 September 2011: New Review Published

    Vive Le Rock Issue 4 page 97. Click to enlarge. With thanks to Vive Le Rock editor Eugene Butcher for permission to scan this

Issue 4 of the music magazine VIVE LE ROCK has just been published, and it features an interview with Charlie Harper on page 97. The magazine's editor Eugene Butcher also reviews the new U.K. Subs CD 'The Complete Punk Singles Collection', awarding it 8 out of 10 - see scan to the right. For further info on the magazine's contents and the CD check out the full archived story on T&M HERE.

  • July 2011: New Review Published

From the VIVE LE ROCK website:



(Captain Oi!)
Original punk heroes return with a spanking new feel.
Why hasn’t Charlie Harper been knighted yet? Irrefutably a prime pioneer of the first wave of punk, the Subs’ new album, ‘Work In Progress’, confirms the rock ‘n’ roll veteran isn’t slowing down anytime soon. ‘WIP’ brings in tides of an oxymoron that works: fresh, old school punk rock. The band, now on letter W in their alphabet of albums and the original Subs vibes stand strong, reminiscent in places of classics like 1980’s ‘Brand New Age’. The album, crashing into life with ‘Creation’, is a cocktail of raw fuck-off riffs, chest-pounding drums and sing-along chanting. ‘This Chaos’, a street punk anthem co-written with Rancid’s Lars Frederiksen, and a Subs-esque take on ‘Strychnine’ by The Sonics, make this album a corker for die-hard Subs disciples and new age rockers alike.
Nina Cresswell

  • 14 June 2011


News in from Mark 'Captain Oi!' Brennan: The black vinyl version of 'Work In Progress' is now all sold out. So they have no vinyl left of the 525 pressed (including the red). However, collectors will be delighted to hear that Captain Oi! now plan to re-press 'Work In Progress' in November for the Motorhead tour, in a run of 500 copies, with 250 of two different colours planned.

  • 16 May 2011: New Review Published

    Click image to visit the Fungalpunk website

The excellent Fungalpunk website has given the album a glowing review. Click the Fungalpunk logo to the right to visit the website, the full review is archived on T&M on the link that follows:



  • 4 May 2011

Black Vinyl Update!

News from Captain Oi! HQ is that they are down to the last 25 copies of the black vinyl version of Work In Progress. If you haven't got this yet - we suggest you order one sharpish - HERE

  • 29 April 2011

Work In Progress Colour Vinyl Repress Planned

After the limited edition 120 not-to-be-reprinted BLOOD RED vinyl copies sold out in 3 days (see news story below - 30th March), collectors will be delighted to hear that Captain Oi! will be repressing Work In Progress in September, in a run of 500 copies, with 250 of two different colours planned. The colours have yet to be chosen... More news when we get it...

  • 27 April 2011: New Reviews Published

The German magazine Ox, issue #95 (April/May 2011) has been published with a multitude of reviews.

Scans to follow...

  • 11 April 2011: New Review Published Click to enlarge

The latest issue of the long running fanzine BARBIES DEAD, issue 30 - March 2011, has a review of Work In Progress on page 9, it is scanned to the right, and you can read more about this old style fab-fanzine HERE

  • 8 April 2011: New Review Published

The Greek website MiC (Music Portal) has today reviewed the album and given it 8 out of 10. If you can provide T&M with a translation - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The review is by Μίλτος Τσίπτσιος

See it in its original form HERE

It is also archived on T&M HERE

  • 7 April 2011: 2 New Reviews Published

The US based AMP (American Music Press) magazine has published two reviews in their 106th issue.
They are both scanned below, the first is on page 71 and the second from page 80. Click the images to enlarge.
Thanks (once again!) to Mark Brennan at Captain Oi! for forwarding the mag to T&M HQ Wink

AMP website here

Page 71 review Page 80 review

  • 1 April 2011: New Review Published Bruised Knuckles, issue 1, page 8 - click to enlarge

The Finnish distro BRUISED KNUCKLES have produced a 'Winter 2011 Newsletter / Catalog', and issue 1 has a review of Work In Progress, which is scanned to the right of this article. Click the image to enlarge.

Thanks to Mark Brennan at Captain Oi! for forwarding the mag to T&M HQ...

  • 30 March 2011

Work In Progress Red Vinyl Now... SOLD OUT

The limited edition of 120 RED VINYL copies have sold out within 3 days. Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of the collectors pack, which was signed by Charlie Harper, included a limited edition 'Work In Progress' guitar pick, and came with a copy of the Work In Progress Promo CD.

This will NOT be repressed on red vinyl!

Black vinyl copies continue to be available:
Captain Oi Website

Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 27 March 2011

Work In Progress Red Vinyl Now Available! Work In Progres Red Vinyl

Limited edition of 120 RED VINYL copies now available through the Captain Oi Webshop.

Every red vinyl copy;

  • Signed by Charlie Harper
  • Includes limited edition 'Work In Progress' guitar pick
  • Comes with copy of Promo CD

Strictly limited to 120 copies, this will NOT be repressed on red vinyl!

Priced at £15.00, postage is free within the UK, see the Captain Oi Website for International rates.

Black vinyl copies continue to be available too.

Get in there quick before they all go!!!

  • 20 March 2011: New Review Published

The Belgian based ROCK TRIBUNE magazine has published a review of Work In Progress in their March edition (Number 103). The review is by Peter Vanhecke and appears on page 86. A scan is provided below, click the image to enlarge.

Click to enlarge

Thanks to Mark Brennan at Captain Oi! for forwarding the mag to T&M HQ Wink

  • 15 March 2011: New Review Published

3rdgenerationnation website has given the new album another top write up.
View the review HERE
Archived on T&M here

  • 15 March 2011: New Review Published

Eyescream Concerts website has given the new album 7/10.
View the review HERE
Archived on T&M here

  • 14 March 2011: New Review Published

Rock! Shock! Pop! website has given the new album a top review
View the review HERE
Archived on T&M here

  • 14 March 2011: New Review Published LTW logo

The brilliant website LOUDER THAN WAR has just posted a great review of Work In Progress, written by John Robb from GOLDBLADE.

Click here to read

Archived on T&M here

  • 12 March 2011: New Review Published T4M logo

The excellent Blog site Tribe4mian has published a blinding review of the album.
Written by Jez Keefe, you can view it here
Archived on T&M here. CHEERS JEZ...

  • 3 March 2011


Click on the below logo to go get a vinyl copy of the new album.
Be quick though, there are only 400 of these beauties...
ONLY £10-99
Shipping is FREE to the UK.

For orders going to Europe / USA or the Rest Of The World, postage will apply - click here.


  • 3 March 2011


A picture of Charlie appeared on the front of the Weekend Culture section of Poland's biggest selling newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, which has a circulation of over 700,000. There is also a review of the WORK IN PROGRESS album on page 14.

Below are scans of the cover and the review, which Krzysztof Lach of NOISE ANNOYS sent to Mark Brennan at Captain Oi! Thanks to Krzysztof and Mark for getting the newspaper to T&M HQ. Cool

Click scans to enlarge...

Front cover - click to enlarge Gazeta Wyborcza 3.3.11 Page 14 review - click to enlarge

  • 26 February 2011

Captain Oi Update Number 8

Captain Oi! are expecting to take delivery of the Black vinyl version of the album next week and it will be available at the normal Captain Oi! Mail order prices. Date to be confirmed.
There are other plans afoot for the RED vinyl 100 limited edition... more info soon

Click here to visit the Captain Oi website


  • 21 February 2011: New Review Published Click to enlarge

The long established magazine Record Collector has a pretty good review of Work In Progress in its current issue.

It is in the shops now priced £4-00 and is the March 2011 edition, issue number 386.

The Subs review is on page 98. There is a scan to the right of this news story.

Click the scan to enlarge.

  • 19 February 2011: New Review Published Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

Work In Progress has received an excellent review in the March issue of Scootering magazine.
Issue No 297 pp. 112-113... see scans right - click to enlarge

  • 17 February: New Review Published

The second issue of VIVE LE ROCK magazine gives WORK IN PROGRESS an excellent rating of 8 out of 10, on p94, in a review by Nina Cresswell.

Click the scan to the left to enlarge Vive Le Rock review - click to enlarge

  • 17 February 2011

Airplay in Canada!

The SkOipunKA Radio Show # 391 featured the song ROBOT AGE.
Will be archived here

  • 16 February 2011: New Review Published

Alan Rohan has had his review of the album published on the following 4 websites:


Below is a ROUGH translation!
" UK Subs - Work In Progress CD 2011 (Capitan OI)

There are bands and people who are undoubtedly timeless and legends on the scene. These certainly include the London punk heroes '77 UKSubs led by frontman Charlie Harper. Charlie Harper should be retired long ago, but the matador to sit in the park and want to pour too much ptáčkům. So we'd better all year on stage and shows us all the older, the punk that retirement is really far away. Released early after the break, not unusual for the nine years of novelty album called "Work In Progress.

When listening to most punk records I have the urge to compare, so I see this ... This sounds like the UK Subs not true, because they are the ones who defined the style and the other bands may sound like the UK Subs, not vice versa. Genuine, unadulterated punk. I confess that if I like the UK Subs to their earliest recordings, and so I was curious about the news. The board also participated with famous Lars Frederiksen (Rancid, Hellcat Records), I did not find out to what extent. Anyway, Charlie and his crew definitely just uploaded an album of duty, but this is an album which really surprised me. It is precisely such a punk model 77, which I imagine. Somewhat board gave me everything I expected from it - the original Charlie's vocals netuctové punk melodies and especially the belief that indeed the true punk not the rain. And that's what convinced me heaping much. If I had to pinpoint one song - probably the biggest hit song to me Tokyo Rose, "Children of the Flood and then eighteen wheels, but this is my current impression after about twenty you send an album to obtain and take a picture of yourself.

Abstract? Very good board, see what the songs live - March 3, 2011 UKSubs play at Lucerna Music Bar, along with other timeless legends The Vibrators. Do not hesitate!

  • 14 February 2011: New Review Published

From the Romanian web-fanzine MPTY-zine (with Valentine's day love!Kiss)... yet another great review for the Subs' new LP - Work In Progress: "Catchy tunes... together with a sometimes critical, furious and even maybe ironcal attitude, I think it’s their most complete album."

News story and full text archived on T&M here

  • 13 February 2011

Vinyl Colour Announcement

The LP vinyl colour, chosen by the T&M eds at the request of Captain Oi! supremo Mark Brennan will be... BLOOD RED!

This was chosen as it ties in with the track BLOOD, and also because it is a colour associated with the tracks Tokyo ROSE and HELL Is Other People!
There is also red on the cover so it should look BLOODY superb! Cool
The first 100 copies only will be on coloured vinyl, with the other 400 on black.

  • 12 February 2011

Work In Progress track to appear on a new compilation CD

A U.K. Subs track from the new album 'Work In Progress', chosen at the request of Mark Brennan by a T&M ed, will appear on the free CD that comes with the second issue of the Vive Le Rock magazine, entitled 'Revolution Rock'.

  • 11 February 2011: New Review Published

The Japenese Blog-site "Hardasrock" has carried a review of the new album.
Check it out HERE

Archived on T&M here

  • 28 January 2011: New Review PublishedClick to enlarge

Kevin Bryan has had his review published in the Northern Times. Click on the scan to enlarge. You can also view it online at the News Shopper website.

  • 9 February 2011

Big Cheese Magazine Review

The new issue of the Big Cheese Magazine (sister mag of Vive Le Rock) has reviewed the new album and given it four out of five!
Scan to follow...

  • 7 February 2011: New Review Published

Sylwester Zimon from Poland from www.limier.com.pl, www.nowadeba.com.pl and Polskie Radio Rzeszów (http://www.radio.rzeszow.pl/) has reviewed the new album. Sylwester has also been playing tracks from the album on his show.

Read here

Anyone who can provide a Polish translation of the review, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • 3 February 2011

Captain Oi Update Number 7

Captain Oi! have taken delivery of 10 Test Pressings for the new album in preparation for its forthcoming vinyl release. View images of the Test Pressing here

Click here to visit the Captain Oi website

  • 24 January 2011

Captain Oi Update Number 6

The good Captain Mark Brennan, who is providing Time & Matter with regular updates on the new album, has told T&M that plans are afoot to go ahead with a vinyl version of WORK IN PROGRESS. All you vinyl junkies will therefore rejoice to hear that Captain Oi! will hopefully be taking delivery of some Test Pressings next week, and are hoping to release the vinyl in the first week of March. Currently, the plan is to press 500 initially, with the first 100 being on coloured vinyl, coming with a copy of the Promo CD of the LP. Mark is also hoping to get Charlie to sign them all as well, but this has not been confirmed.

  • 23 January: Work In Progress (4 Track Live Download)

The Nuzz Prowling Wolf Blog has posted a link to a free Work In Progress themed download:

"Right then, here’s a little treat for you, a live four track download of songs from Work In Progress; Hell Is Other People, This Chaos, Creation and Strychnine all recorded live @ Lock 42 in Leicester on 12th Dec 2010. An ideal companian for those who’ve already bought the album, and a taster for those who really should get hold of a copy."   Well said Nuzz!


  • 22 January 2011: New Review Published

Album review on the Street Voice UK MySpace blog:

By Steve DIY

UK SUBS - Work In Progress: This is the UK Sub’s first studio album since the ‘Universal’ album released in1992 and just three off from completing the alphabet too! What can I say about the UK Subs that hasn’t been said before? Nothing much really as their music does the talking! What you get for your money is a 14 track album which includes a cover of ‘Strychnine’ by the Sonics and a co-write with Lars Frederickson (Rancid). This has to be one of the best albums released by the Subs. Full on punk rock from start to finish. My favourite track is ‘Rock N Roll Whore’ which surely will become a UK Subs anthem along with the likes of Warhead. Other cool tracks include ‘Tokyo Rose’, ‘Radio Unfriendly’, ‘Eighteen Wheels’ and ‘Children Of The Flood’. Great music and wicked production from Charlie and Co! If you love punk rock then you’ll drool over this baby! 9/10

  • 20 January 2011: New Review Published

Album review on the Uber Rock Website:

By Dom Daley


About bloody time. After waiting for what seems like an eternity for Charlie and the gang to release a new album it has finally arrived. We all know about the A-Z attempt, well those observant enough to notice Charlie has now hit W so that only leaves us three more Subs albums and the rate it's taken this one to come out I'll be as old as Charlie Harper by the time we reach Z.

Anyway I digress, this long awaited release comes firing out of the starting blocks with the awesome 'Creation' which came out a few years ago as part of the 'Warhead' EP that promoed a few new tracks and out of those tracks t'was the new ones that got me excited because tracks like 'Creation' sounded like a band on fire and full of energy. Although reworked for this album the track loses none of its fire and Mr Harper sounds in mighty fine voice. With Jamie Oliver's thunderous drumming and the solid work of the magnificent Alvin Gibbs with Jet playing the Les Paul Jr like his life depends on it, this really is a great start to the album and the makings of an essential release.

A gap of eight years between this and 'Universal' is way too long but the quality of the songs on this can excuse the wait. Who's to say this won't be regarded in future as possibly the best album the band have done. Before people stop reading and accuse me of being stupid, sure 'Another Kind Of Blues' had some awesome songs on it as did 'Brand New Age' and 'Diminished Responsibilities' and a host of albums thereafter but I honestly believe 'Work In Progress' might be the UK Subs' most complete album with quality songs aplenty. I guess time will tell but initial thoughts suggest I could be right. Just take 'Tokyo Rose' with its blistering guitar solo over some sumptuous walking bassline as Charlie goes for a poptastic catchy chorus on this love song, yes I said love song, and a sort of geography lesson from Japan as well, it really is a catchy tune. Before you think the Subs have gone soft, hold onto your trousers because 'Hell Is Other People' sounds like it's been kicked around the beer soaked venues it was crafted in with some great punk rock action, or take the acidic 'Radio Unfriendly' with some quality social commentary from Harper that hits the nail right square on the head. Payola, shit stations playing garbage round the clock, so fuckin' what, right? Punk rock 'n' roll never got a fair crack of the whip when it came to airplay and, no Charlie, it's not you getting old and cranky some of us are right behind you and if we were all on a level playing field where the cream would get the airplay and the strong would survive and get the financial rewards then there is no doubt the UK Subs would be on heavy rotation with this release.

The powerhouse line-up of Gibbs, Jet, Oliver and Harper have a hefty back catalogue to compete with, they create their own pressure and have a lot to live up to, but live up to it they do. Sing along to the "woah-oh" on 'The Axe' or just groove to 'Eighteen Wheels' with its 'Pipeline' riff that sees the Subs strut their stuff with Jet turning in some great playing which he carries on into the next track 'Children Of The Flood' with its wah-wah intro and jagged riff, Charlie delivers his doomsday hypothesis but it's not all bleak as 'All Blurs Into One' shifts gears as we get Jamie on guitars for what is in my book the real tour de force of the album and a musical masterpiece as the song changes pace throughout and could be one of the finest songs crafted by a band on killer form as we head into the thrashfest of the final few minutes of the song - simply magnifico, great lyrics to a great song. 'Rock 'n' Roll Whore' falls straight off the Heartbreakers conveyer belt as the Subs add a sneaky bit of 'Chinese Rocks' while Charlie tells tales of excess in the US; another winner in my book and possibly the best song The Boys never wrote, yeah it's a bit throwaway after 'Children Of The Flood' but fuck me it feels good listening to it and isn't that part of the appeal of rock 'n' roll? If it makes you feel good?

Something of a triumph is 'Work In Progress' - it has the feelgood factor aplenty and the sound of a band who damn well know they've written a top album and if I were a punk rock pig listening to this I'd be rolling in a pen full of punk rock shit! Punk rock royalty kicks off 2011 with a right stonker of an album crammed full of great songs and it has definitely been worth the wait. All hail the UK Subs - buy it and play it loud, you won't regret it.

  • 18 January 2011: New Review Published

German online fanzine review:

From Bezirk 7 Mag. Germany. www.505crew.de

"U.K. Subs - Work in Progress (Captain Oi!) Die 80er als eine der wenigen Ur Gesteine glaubhaft überlebt, sich bis heute treu geblieben und nun, während der Geburtstagskuchen zum 35 jährigen schon im Ofen wartet, mit brandneuem Album zurück! Punk ist eben wirklich nicht totzukriegen, da kann man sagen was man will. Gab es in der Vergangenheit auf einigen U.K. Subs Veröffentlichungen auch bisweilen einige Kreationen von Mr. Harper, die eher in die Kategorie ?pädagogisch wertvoll? fielen (vielleicht erinnern sich noch einige an ein recht 'spezielles' Ding namens 'Punk Rap'..) so ist man hier wirklich mit einem Top Notch Release am Start, wie der Engländer zu sagen pflegt. 14 Stücke inklusive einem grandiosen Sonics Cover und einem mit Lars Fredricksen zusammen geschriebenem Stück warten auf 'Work in Progress' darauf guten, alten, Punk aus den Saiten zu prügeln. Die Produktion ist dabei so top gemixt und aufgenommen, dass einem selbst der übelste Crash-Becken-Dauereinsatz bei einem Song wie 'Hell is other People' noch genügend Gehör lässt um weiteren, sich anschließenden Stücken, das volle Gehör zu schenken. Und das lohnt sich bei diesem Album wirklich. Bei 'The Axe' fühlt man sich sogar an 'Down on the Farm' erinnert! Für mich eine echte Überraschung, denn ehrlich gesagt hätte ich nicht gedacht, dass die Band 3 Platten vor dem selbsterklärten Ziel (für jeden Buchstaben des Alphabets ein Album zu schreiben) noch mal mit so einem frischen Silberling in Erscheinung zu treten. Leichtem Rockabilly/Psychobilly Einfluss wird man dann auf ?Eighteen Wheels? gerecht, so auch nicht unbedingt zu erwarten gewesen und nicht so prägend, wie man vielleicht dem Cover nach hätte denken können (hätte da nicht UK Subs draufgestanden, wir hätten es genau so gut mit einem neueren Psychobilly Album zu tun haben können). Schlussendlich ist das hier ein 14 Stück starker Silberling, der an einigen Stellen zu überraschen, auf ganzer Linie aber zu gefallen weiß und damit geht das Ding für mich im graden Gang über die Ziellinie. Anspieltipps: 'Tokyo Rose' / 'This Chaos' / 'Rock n Roll Whore' und das stagnierende 'Robot Age', dass die letzten Stunden der Menschheit einläutet, bevor 1984 komplett übernimmt. Super Album! All Kids praise old school Punkrock!!

6/7" (Markus)

  • 10 January 2011

Below is our link from the homepage for the album's release:


Click on the below screenprint to go straight to Captain Oi's website to get the new Subs album...

Click this image to go buy the new Subs album

  • 7 January 2011


Below is an unofficial Promo video created by Wesley Cohen of Radar Proof Recordings...

It was created as an exclusive 'taster' for the new U.K. Subs album WORK IN PROGRESS, and is the opening track on the forthcoming album... ENJOY! Smile

The audio is copyright, Captain Oi! Records.

More Time & Matter website YouTube videos here

Wesley Cohen's TAPED website here

  • 29 December 2010

New Review Published

Below is the review from the oioimusic.com website:

altUK Subs - Work in Progress CD (band website)

I saw the band performing live during their last year's tour with their mates from The Vibrators. I was susprised by the energy of the gig. With this in mind i had high expectations for their first new record since 2002 and honestly, the Subs don't live up to my expectations. It's a very descent CD and tunes such as 'Radio Unfirnedly', 'Blood' or 'Rock n Roll Whore' do the job, but the record misses the extra dimension that their first few records or their more recent Quintesessials album had.

Release date: january 2011 Label: Captain Oi! Rating:alt

  • 28 December 2010

New Review Published

The Nuzz Prowling Wolf Blog has just posted another good review for the new album:

Review archived on Time & Matter: HERE

  • 22 December 2010

New Review Published

The Shields Gazette - 'UK Subs are still going strong': Click here

Review archived on Time & Matter: HERE

  • 21 December 2010

New Review Published

The excellent online fanzine R*E*P*E*A*T has just published a review of the Subs' new album. Another great review, this time by BONES (Rob Jones). Click the below logo to visit the website, then go to "Updates - December 20th Reviews here" - where you will find the 'Work In Progress' review.

Click logo to visit R*E*P*E*A*T website

Review archived on Time & Matter HERE

  • 20 December 2010

Captain Oi Update Number 5

Click here to visit the Captain Oi website

The good Captain Mark Brennan, who is providing Time & Matter with regular updates on the new album, has just sent the following news via snow-plough Laughing: "We are expecting the CDs to be delivered the first week of January and they will be off to the distribution centre, weather permitting, straight away. Therefore the official release date for the CD will be Monday, 10th January 2011. The booklet for the CD is the usual full colour high quality we produce for all our releases, and will be 16 Subtastic pages."

  • 18 December 2010

Hear Samples Of Songs / MP3 Download date

Amazon are now carrying samples of all 14 songs from the new album, you can download the new album from 10 January 2011 for £5-99 or single tracks for £0-69.

  • 16 December 2010

Exclusive First Full Length Review Published

Time & Matter editor Mark Chadderton gives a massive thumbs up for Work In Progress!
Read the review HERE

  • 15 December 2010

CD Promos

Captain Oi are currently in the process of sending out a few hundred CD promotional copies of the new album to various magazines, fanzines, e-zines and radio stations. See images below.

  • 3 December 2010

Captain Oi Update Number 4

Click here to visit the Captain Oi website

Some additional information received from Captain Oi today is that the new LP is actually co-produced by Charlie Harper and ex-Vibrators bassist Pat Collier, the CD is at the printers now. Promo review copies will be sent out in mid December with the finished item ready for sale from early January 2011. 
The Oi-masters also still hope to get a vinyl version out pretty soon after the CD.

  • 1 December 2010

Captain Oi Update Number 3

Click here to visit the Captain Oi website

Charlie has now OK'd the booklet for the CD.

  • 30 November 2010

Captain Oi Update Number 2

Click here to visit the Captain Oi website

The good Captain Mark Brennan, who is providing Time & Matter with regular updates on the new album, has been in touch with the website, with the following news: "We are looking to get promo copies any day now. Once we get them I think we can put up a review of the album then*. We are also just waiting on Charlie to OK the booklet and we are basically good to go!"

*Time & Matter will hopefully be publishing the first review of what is (hint, hint!) a quite awesome album!

  • 19 November 2010


The U.K. Subs won the poll on the Vive Le Rock website, which asked which album were people most looking forward to. The Subs' forthcoming album cantered home by a whopping 25%, capturing almost half the votes cast, with 47.9%.

Below is the screenprint, click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge

  • 12 November 2010


Below is the cover to the new CD. Click to enlarge image.

CD cover AHOY CD 310 - click to enlarge


Latest news from Captain Oi is that they’re hoping to get some promo copies in production over the next week or so. Artwork on the booklet etc will start next week and they now anticipate January as a release date for the real thing.

Below is the promo sheet that Captain Oi send out to their Wholesale Customers

Captain Oi!

PO Box 501, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP10 8QA
Tel: ##### ######   Fax: ##### ######



Cat No:AHOY CD 310Barcode:5 032556 131025
















•Brand new studio album from Punk legends THE U.K. SUBS their first since 2002’s highly successful “Universal” (AHOY CD 204)

•Features 12 new Subs songs plus a co-write with Rancid’s Lars Fredericksen and a cover of The Sonics “Strychnine”

•Vocalist Charlie Harper was recently the feature of a two page article in Classic Rock magazine and the Subs won a poll by “Big Cheese” magazine as Punk’s Most Important Group

•Coming up to their 35th Anniversary and now onto the letter W in their attempt to release an album for every letter of the alphabet!

•THIS IS NOT A RE-ISSUE! - As a brand new studio album, we will beincreasing the promotion of this release. This includes display advertising in magazines like VIVE LE ROCK, pressing 300 promo copies to distribute to the music press / radio in addition to sending out to our usual list of fanzines and magazines.

•A Limited Edition pressing on coloured vinyl will follow

•The band have just finished a tour of America’s West Coast and have the following British shows lined up (see over*).







* = The tour dates have been edited out as you can also see them here

  • 28 October 2010

Work In Progress Studio pictures
Pictured below: Exclusive Time & Matter photos of the band in the studio recording 'Work In Progress' on Thursday 9th September, photos by Rob Cook - click images to enlarge...

Left to right: Jamie, Jet, Alvin and Charlie recording vocals with Pat Collier at the controls.


  • Saturday 9th October 2010

Captain Oi Update Number 1

Click here to visit the Captain Oi website

The good Captain Mark Brennan will be providing Time & Matter with regular updates from now on!
The new album is all finished, with 16 tracks recorded in total. Captain Oi has informed Time & Matter that they hope to release it in late November on limited edition vinyl and CD.
The problem at present is the artwork! The guy Charlie thought was going to do it has gone AWOL, so a Plan B is being discussed! Charlie has done the lyrics and credits.
Captain Oi has plans for a 1000 vinyl pressing, with probably 500 in two different colours.
The catalogue numbers have already been allocated for the release, and these will be AHOY CD 310 and AHOY LP 310
The running order of 14 tracks has been confirmed as below. This possibly means that either the 2 remaining tracks of the 16 recorded will be used on a single, or as bonus tracks on one of the formats.

07. GURU

More news from the Captain soon - keep watching this space!

  • Wednesday 6th October 2010

Work In Progress Song Titles Selection


Below is a selection of the 16 songs that were recorded for the new U.K. Subs album:

All Blurs Into One / The Axe / Children Of The Flood / Creation / Guru (Alvin on vocals) / Hell Is Other People / Highway One / The Robot Age / Strychnine / This Chaos / Tokyo Rose

Creation will be the album opener, and there will be more news on the finished running order soon.


  • Wednesday 22nd September 2010

Here's the latest news from Captain Oi on the album's release;


"One other further release we hope to have before the end of the year is the brand new U.K.SUBS albums which is provisionally called “WORK IN PROGRESS”. Charlie & Co. have recorded 16 tracks at Pat Collier (ex-Vibrators) studio in South London and we hope to release the album on CD and vinyl in October / November when no doubt the band will be hitting the road again. We might even have a limited edition 7” single from them as well, fingers crossed."


  • Monday 20th September 2010


Time & Matter Exclusive Interview with Charlie Harper

In an exclusive interview with Time & Matter, Charlie discusses the latest album 'Work In Progress'.
Filmed at the end of the last day of recording on the 9th of September 2010, we talk to the Godfather of punk about the bands A-Z albums, 'Work In Progress' and the upcoming US and UK tours.

A big thank you to Charlie for taking the time to talk to us.

To see a clip of Charlie talking about album X click here!

  • Tuesday 7th September 2010


The Subs are currently in the studio working on their eagerly awaited WORK IN PROGRESS album.

Photo by Gemma Eggle - click to enlarge

The recording line-up will be Jet, Alvin and Jamie and the band are booked into Perry Vale Studios in south east London, which belongs to the original Vibrators bass player Pat Collier.

The final recordings will take place on Tuesday 7th September through to Thursday 9th September. Most of the backing tracks are completed, and the album is scheduled to come out on Captain Oi.


Charlie has been furiously occupied of late, writing lyrics every day, although T&M understands that one song to be included on the album will be by ex-Sub Lars Frederiksen, who has penned a song based on some words Charlie jotted down when he was with the Subs years ago! Lars has apparently always wanted Charlie to sing this particular song.

The evolution of the album has been a particularly long one, with the album title having actually been chosen now for a number of years. In fact, it is over 8 years since the last proper studio album, Universal came out.


Charlie, Jet, Alvin and Jamie started rehearsals for the album in the summer (w/c 21st June), which produced 9 songs ready to demo, and by early July the band were back in the studio, expanding their ideas.


There will be a number of songs written by individuals in the band, and some early working titles to emerge were 'Guru' and 'Hell'. By 8th July, the band had 16 tracks earmarked for the album, which were just the music, and no vocals. One of the album tracks will be a new version of 'Creation', which first appeared on the 2008 Warhead CD-EP, and has become a new Subs fans favourite already.


The album artwork will be done by the great Vince Ray, and you can see some of his previous work by clicking here, to get an idea of what possibly could adorn the Work In Progress cover!

Charlie, in a recent interview, stated that his stand out track was called 'Man Made God'', as well as mentioning that he hopes that "the album will be out next February at the latest. The album will sound very rocking, with a lot of ideas I have found on my Japanese travels, they are a little chaotic, but very exciting..."


Time & Matter will hopefully be bringing you regular updates on this, err... work in progress! Smile


So keep watching this website...


  • Below: The Perry Vale Studios, click image to enlarge...



Blurb on Perry Vale: "Perry Vale Studios is located in Forest Hill SE23, London. The Studio is owned and run by producer Pat Collier who specialises in Rock and Indie. The studio has a large control room and live room (with separate drum booth and two additional isolation booths) that can easily accommodate 10/12 piece bands. The studio also has a seperate lounge and kitchen and on site parking..."