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Time And Matter Website Updates:

This website is constantly being added to.

Below is a selection of various updates as they go up, we haven't got time to list all the updates we do, but hopefully this will keep you abreast of some of the major additions...

Keep checking this page!

27 Dec: Gemma 'LibraSnake Photography' Eggle's 17/12/2011 pics and videos added
24 Dec: More pics from the below gig from Joanna Reich added
19 Dec: Pics from the 17/12/2011 London gig by Paul Mileman added
17 Dec: Pics from the 15/12/2011 Porth gig by Jeremy Jones added
12 Dec: Great set of pics from the 10/12/2011 Crewe gig by Fishbones Photography
9 Dec: Set list scan from the Nuneaton 26/11/2011 gig from Mark Jones added
8 Dec: Set list scan from the Nuneaton 13/11/2010 gig from Mark Jones added
7 Dec: 5 photos from the 1/12/2011 Derby gig by Stuart Fletcher added
6 Dec: YouTube footage from the 2/12/2011 Darlington gig by Flat Hill Promotions added
5 Dec: Over 50 superb photos by Dave Shaw from the 2/12/2011 Darlington gig added
4 Dec: 5 photos from last night's gig in Selby from Dave Alucard (Alupix)
3 Dec: Part 3 of Charlie & Yuko's Back Stage Pass collection uploaded
2 Dec: 4 pics from the 17/6/2011 Derby gig from Stuart Fletcher
29 Nov: 95 pics from the recent Birmingham gig 25/11/11 (by MIDLANDS LIVE) added
28 Nov: 5 photos from the recent Hastings gig (24/11/2011)
27 Nov: YouTube footage of Warhead from last night's gig in Nuneaton
25 Nov: YouTube footage of Warhead from last night's gig in Hastings
21 Nov: Time & Matter archive for the November 2011 Motörhead tour added
20 Nov: Images of original label stampers for Killing Time, A.W.O.L & Sabre Dance added
14 Nov: Photos of Charlie Harper's gold disc for the 'Crash Course' LP added
13 Nov: Set list from 2/5/2008 Stockport gig from Alan Duffield added
12 Nov: Backstage pic by Yuko from tonight's London gig added!
11 Nov: New release of 'Left For Dead' added to discography
09 Nov: Link to a great gig review on Fishbones Photography (for 4/11/2011) added
08 Nov: Subs' dressing room picture at the cancelled Bristol gig by Yuko!
07 Nov: Super set of pictures from the 5/11/2011 Glasgow gig by Dod Morrison added
06 Nov: 30 great pics from Midlands Live from the 2/11/2011 Wolverhampton gig added
05 Nov: Link to some great photos from the recent 4/11/2011 Edinburgh gig added
04 Nov: Link to some great photos from the recent 2/11/2011 Wolverhampton gig added
31 Oct: Backstage photos from the 29/10/2011 gig inc. Charlie's halloween make-up
20 Oct: Orange & White vinyl editions of Work In Progress added
18 Oct: Cassette release of The Singles 1978 - 1982 on Abstract added
29 Sept: Jet's t-shirt from the Apa Lumbreiras Festival 23/9/2011
26 Sept: 1981 fanzine interview with Steve Roberts and Nicky Garratt added
24 Sept: Picture from the recent 23/9/2011 Aupa Lumbreiras Festival gig in Spain added
22 Sept: YouTube footage from the 26/8/2011 Leicester gig added
16 Sept: 2 tickets from the collection of Simon Dutton added - 27/2/81 & 16/10/81
11 Sept: 7 photos from the Leeds (9/9/11) gig by Dave Alucard added
10 Sept: 5 photos from the recent Leeds (9/9/11) gig by Neil Raistrick added
06 Sept: 5 photos from the 26/8/2011 Leicester gig by Rob Cook added
03 Sept: Link to a great set of pics from FISHBONES GLOVER from the recent Solfest
02 Sept: 3 more review links for Al Gregg's 'The Wrong Outfit' book added
28 Augt: R*E*P*E*A*T website review of the Complete Punk Singles Collection added
19 Aug: Jamie Oliver's other band SCI-FI MAFIA launch their new CD
16 Aug: Photos from the Endorse It In Dorset Festival by Jon Flash & Rob Cook
27 July: 42 photos from the 24.7.2011 Ballinamore gig by Ciaran Brannelly & Joe Carroll added
27 July: 16 photos from the 21.7.2011 Dundalk gig by Ciaran Brannelly added
26 July: 1979 French magazine review of Another Kind Of Blues
25 July: Gig ticket from the 30 October 1980 gig in Carlisle from Trunt
25 July: From Robert Ore, gig ticket 24/4/1999 & poster 24/5/2001
24 July: Jet enjoying a Guiness in Ireland today
23 July: Fourth Time & Matter interview published today - Paul Slack
07 July: Great review by the Rock Regeneration website from the 1 July 2011 Bournemouth gig added
02 July: 12 photos from Dave Bennifer of the Coalville 25/6/2011 gig
26 June: 14 new Fan Club Newsletters added to the Fan Club Archive
24 June: Photo of 'Charlie the cleaner' from tonight's Lydney gig!
24 June: 4 page article from Vive le Rock magazine added
21 June: Diminshed Responsibility Album Review plus Ticket from 1980 Milan show added (courtesy of Pete Davies)
21 June: Charlie Solo gig added with press adverts
21 June: 3 pictures from the recent 16/6/11 Bradford gig from Dave Alucard
20 June: 3 pictures from the recent 11/6/11 Hull gig from Dave Alucard
18 June: 3 pictures from the recent 10/6/11 Grimsby gig from Dave Alucard
17 June: Jet's 'tweeted' pic from tonight's Derby gig
16 June: Photo of Charlie's "little fridge" by Yuko, from tonight's Bradford gig
13 June: 26/6/1982 Urban Dogs gig added to the archive, with music press advert from Sean Manton
12 June: T-shirt from the 30/5/1980 ('Crash Course' recording) gig added
11 June: Footage of the gig in Holland from 7th January 1989 added
10 June: Pete Davies' backstage pass for Loch Lomond Rock Festival added
09 June: Link added to a superb set of live photos from the recent gig in Guernsey
08 June: Back stage pass from the 9/2/11 Caen, gig in France, from Caps Combat Rock
03 June: Link to photos by Peter Noble of the 21 May Bristol Fleece gig added
27 May: 13 photos from the 21/5/2011 gig in Bristol from Patrick Kerrane
27 May: 37 photos from last night's gig in Wakefield by Simon Mooney
22 May: "Charlie's little fridge at The Fleece" 21 May 2011 photo by Yuko!
17 May: 98 fab photos from the 13/5/11 gig in Romford by John Marhsall
10 May: 17 amazing on-and-back stage pics by Peter Heijens from the Eindhoven 21/3/1981 gig
09 May: Three tickets from Neale Milam: Marquee 17/10/79, Rainbow 30/5/79 & Lyceum 27/12/79
08 May: Flyer, from David DiPietro for the 3rd May 1985 Dallas, USA gig added
04 May: White label test pressing scans of the Urban Dogs' 7" 'Limo Life', from Sean Manton added
01 May: 2nd Time & Matter website editorial published, with previously unseen picture of Charlie
28 April: Great YouTube footage of the gig in Essen, Germany 16/3/11 (You Don't Belong)
20 April: Alvin Gibbs interviewed in Prague, 3rd March 2011
17 April: Interview with Charlie about Normal Service Resumed album, from 31st May 1993
15 April: Blast In Belfast Vinyl release updated with coloured vinyl images
08 April: 4 reviews of Work In Progress added, one Finnish, one Greek & 2 American...
05 April: Vinyl release of Work In Progress updated in the discography
31 Mar: 1979 Fan Club photo of Charlie, Paul and Nicky on stage added to the archive
30 Mar: Fan Club photo of Charlie on stage, from 1979 added to the archive
27 Mar: Lance Murchison's ticket from the 4/4/1982 Los Angeles gig added
23 Mar: Vinyl release of 'A Blast In Belfast' added to discography
21 Mar: Photos from last night's gig in Leeds from Neil Raistrick added
15 Mar: 12 pics from the recent 13/3/2011 Aarschot gig in Belgium by Alain De Rycke
14 Mar: Link to some great photos from the recent 12/3/2011 Drachten gig in the Netherlands
09 Mar: 8 photos from the 3/3/2011 gig in Prague by Col Brown added
08 Mar: Link to loads of photos from the 5/3/2011 S Club, Olomouc, Czech Republic gig
07 Mar: Vive Le Rock magazine review of Work In Progress added
06 Mar: 21 photos from the 25/2/2011 Hamburg gig by Patrick Kerrane added
05 Mar: 20 photos from the 24/2/2011 Berlin gig by Patrick Kerrane added
04 Mar: 28 photos from the 10/2/2011 Paris gig by Lisa Ann Jarrett added
03 Mar: The Revolution's Here CD and 7" Single updated with additional images.
02 Mar: 3 Russian Flexi Singles added to the bootleg guide
02 Mar: UK Release of Brand New Age updated with test pressing images and info
01 Mar: 5 photos from Yuko of the band visiting the frozen Baltic sea yesterday
27 Feb: 6 great photos from the recent 24 Feb Berlin gig by Sponge-Pix added
23 Feb: Review of the new album from the latest issue of Scootering Magazine added
22 Feb: Link to some more photos (by Frédéric Loridant) from the below gig added
20 Feb: 12 photos (back stage & onstage) from last night's show in France from Yuko
19 Feb: Collecting News section updated. 3 Russian flexi discs sell for £161-00 !
18 Feb: Link to 22 photos on Flickr by YRV from the 13/2/2011 Brescia, Italy gig added
15 Feb: Live footage of 7 songs from the recent 10/2/2011 Paris show added
14 Feb: Collecting News section updated. A Greek Brand New Age Test Pressing sells for £253 !
12 Feb: Collecting News section updated. 1978 C.I.D. button badge sells for £16-00 !
04 Feb: New fanzine review of Al Gregg's recent novel featuring the Subs added
01 Feb: Mark Leighton recalls the eighth & final date of the December 2007 re-union tour at Leeds
27 Jan: Very rare cassette version of In Action on RFB Recordings added
23 Jan: 8 photos from the 11/10/1981 Stevenage gig from Andy Cutler added
20 Jan: Pete Davies' Dad's UK Subs scrapbook (1978-80 - 145 scans!) now online
19 Jan: GEM Cassette version of Crash Course updated in discography
18 Jan: Collecting news update, an old Another Kind Of Blues poster sells for £256-00 !!!
18 Jan: Work In Progress updated in discography
17 Jan: Local Press cutting for the 12/11/10 Mansfield gig with a great little interview with Charlie
15 Jan: Collecting news update, Spanish promo 7" of Stranglehold sells for nearly £70-00
14 Jan: 'Chad online' interview with Charlie - see also 17 Jan above!
13 Jan: Trevor A. Smith's Fan Club membership card added!
12 Jan: Old record shop poster advertising tickets for the 11/4/80 Grangemouth gig
10 Jan: Poster from the 19/3/1992 gig in Bathgate, Scotland
08 Jan: 30 superb photos from the 12/11/10 Mansfield gig by Richard Parkes Photography Ltd
05 Jan: Colour poster from the David Ensminger collection for the Los Angeles 23/3/1984 gig