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31/01/2012: Charlie performing at Newhaven Pub ‘Open Mic’ nights.

Plus – an extraordinary meeting with an old friend!

Charlie at the 1.2.2012 Open Mic evening - cheers to Yuko for the photo - click to enlarge

Charlie has been appearing at a local ‘Open Mic’ evening at The Ark Inn pub, West Quay, Riverside Hall in Newhaven, East Sussex for the past two weeks on a Wednesday evening.

He will also be appearing there on the 1st and 8th February.

Charlie told T&M that “…if anyone is in the area, come down it’s free! I did 6 songs the first night then blew harp with the other guys 2 or 3 times and it’s a great atmosphere with some wonderful people.

Last week Charlie had an extraordinary chance meeting at the 'Open Mic' night with an old friend he hadn’t seen in years. Charlie and Micky - circa 1963 - Click this image to enlargeCharlie enthused that “a guy who has been playing there all the time, who Yuko and I had both been loving his songs, turned out to be Micky Aldrige, an old friend from the early 1960s…
It is Micky who actually features on the earliest photos of Charlie ever published, on the exclusive T&M rare picture archive. See the example picture right...

For the next two ‘Open Mic’ evenings, Charlie hopes to be performing some of his favourite covers, but as his “cover has been blown” more with each appearance, you may, if you go along, even catch a Subs ditty in this intriguing ‘Open Mic’ setting.

Below is a video taken by Yuko from the 18/1/2012 evening. Cheers Yuko!

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Charlie performed at an 'Open Mic' night at a pub in Newhaven.

Below is a picture taken by Yuko - click to enlarge

Cheers Yuko


There is also a video on Facebook of Charlie performing "Rollin my sweet baby's arm"...