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Recent photo of Nicky - click to enlargeFROM PROG TO PUNK AND BACK...

New band project with ex-Subs drummer Jason Willer and also playing with legendary experimental 'krautrock' band Brainticket.


Over the last few years ex-U.K. Subs guitar legend Nicky Garratt has been playing Jazz infused pop with singer Eva Jay Fortune in Something Big, most notably at Germany's Frankfurt Mese twice a year. Additionally, he has been busy in the studio working on albums by Dave Davies (Kinks), The Vibrators as a guest guitar player and working in the studio with such luminaries as Jazz fusion guitarist Larry Coryell, and underground newcomer Ty Segall, who made his (USA) national television debut on Conan O'Brien's late night TBS talk show recently.
However, the big news for Subs fans is that Nicky is also currently contributing to a new project which will take to the studio in March next year. The album is to be produced by Jürgen Engler who formed the first German Punk band Male, and was later the front man for the influential band Die Krupps. Jürgen will also play Keyboards. The project - as yet without a band name - is fronted by ex-Hawkwind saxophone player Nik Turner, and besides Garratt includes Jeff Piccinini, who formed one of the very first UK punk bands Stormtrooper in 1975. Jeff went on to play in Chelsea and penned the hit song 'I'm On Fire' before going on to international acclaim in The Smart. Jeff, or Geoff Myles as he is sometimes known as, also played bass for the U.K. Subs' October 2010 tour of the USA.
Ex-U.K. Subs drummer Jason Willer, who now sings in the highly acclaimed Alternative Tentacles band Cross Stitched Eyes and play drums in the 'dark band' Alaric is also part of this exciting new band/project. Rounding out the line-up is pioneering keyboard player Joel Vandroogenbroeck who played with Stan Getz, Miles Davies and many more in the 1960s before turning to underground electronic music with the groundbreaking Swiss band Brainticket.
After the recording the band are looking to tour the USA and are already booked to play South by Southwest in March 2013.
The project is quite unique in its line-up, merging members who made their reputation in Punk with those who did likewise in Spacerock/Progressive.
Nik Turner (Hawkwind/Inner City Unit) - Sax, Flute and vocals
Nicky Garratt (U.K. Subs) - Guitar
Jürgen Engler (MALE/Die Krupps) - Keyboards
Joel Vandroogenbroeck (Brainticket) - Keyboards
Jeff Piccinini AKA Geoff Myles (Stormtrooper/Chelsea/The Smart) - Bass
Jason Willer (U.K. Subs/Alaric/Cross Stitched Eyes) - Drums

Nicky's second project is being part of the new Brainticket line-up who will open the above mentioned tour. Incredibly, three quarters of the new Brainticket have played with the U.K. Subs!
Joel Vandroogenbroeck (Brainticket) - Keyboards/Flute/Sitar
Nicky Garratt (U.K. Subs) - Guitar
Jeff Piccinini AKA Geoff Myles (Stormtrooper/Chelsea/The Smart) - Bass
Jason Willer (U.K. Subs/Alaric/Cross Stitched Eyes) - Drums

Here, Nicky and the rhythm section will back the legendary Joel Vandroogenbroeck on a psychedelic trip which includes classics from the early seventies alongside new compositions.

Nicky has always been a fan of Krautrock (Kosmische Musik) and other prog stuff like Canterbury and Zeuhl so "this is a great fit".
Update from Nicky - 5 Dec 2012:
The actress Ella G'Sell has been added to the Brainticket line-up on vocals. /


Nicky has also confirmed to T&M that he has sold his legendary hardcore punk label New Red Archives to Cleopatra Records, of which both labels have released U.K. Subs recordings. Nicky revealed to T&M that "because the industry has changed so much there wasn't the same interest for me anymore. Physical sales were getting so low, but I still had to deal with returns and chasing money. For the time being I still work with NRA doing fun stuff like signing bands, but generally I can get on with life again."


New CD out soon from Something Big - click to enlargeAs indicated above, Nicky also told T&M that he is "still playing in Something Big and we head out to Frankfurt Messe again in February. We will also release our second EP Rarin' which is a collection of rare Bacharach/David songs. The first one was called Hatched and it was a similar collection of Tony Hatch songs. I even slipped in a bonus track of an Amon Düül II track called Loosey Girls." Buy it here.

Additionally, Nicky confirmed that his eagerly anticipated vegan cookbook 'Mango & Mint' is still due for release in March 2013, and it can be pre-ordered via Amazon in the USA (click here) and UK (click here).
Nicky added that "on release I will be squeezing in some promotional appearances" for the cookbook, which you can read all about on Time & Matter website HERE.