The following news story appeared on the T&M homepage on 18th April 2011:


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T&M to publish new series of articles from Alvin Gibbs
about his U.K. Subs-experiences

The T&M web-eds are delighted to announce that Alvin Gibbs will soon be writing, exclusively for this website, a brand new series of articles about his involvement with the U.K. Subs over the last four decades.
Previously, Alvin has only written briefly about his Subs experiences, mainly in his history of punk book DESTROY.
Mr Gibbs has promised the website that his forthcoming pieces for T&M will be "a literary excursion through the fetid underbelly of infamy, glory, frustration, elation, chaos, indifference, contentment and pride which feature in equal measure in relation to my personal involvement with the United Kingdom Subversives."
Alvin will also trawl his own personal Subs collection of ephemera and memorabilia to provide some suitable scans and photographs to accompany this exciting new project.
Alvin’s introduction and first article will hopefully be available for your delectation and delight in late Spring/early Summer.

This series of Subs-stories from the Subs bass-man currently has a working title of:

Diminished Responsibility:

My Life as a UK Sub, and other Strange Stories...


The above Alvin Gibbs photograph courtesy of Jez Keefe (Jez Keefe Photography).
No copying of Jez's work without permission.