The following news story appeared on the T&M homepage 16 February 2013:



U.K. Subs fan Dave Bennifer, who lives in Leicestershire has put together a great new promo video with the blessing of Captain Oi! Records and in association with T&M.
The promo video features the new classic Subs track ‘Coalition Government Blues’, the second track off of the new album ‘XXIV’.

Dave Bennifer - click to enlargeDave or ‘Metalheadsince1968’, which is his YouTube channel name is 44 years old and discovered the U.K. Subs after meeting his wife Ruth, who first saw the Subs back in 1980 and then later in the 80s with Bad Brains.
Dave told T&M that “unfortunately I missed the early punk scene, but after meeting my wife, I got more into the punk side of music. I can't remember where I first saw the U.K. Subs but I am really enjoying the energy of the present line-up and their gigs are a great mix of classics and new tracks that both our boys, Adam, who is 18 and Nathan, who is 15 enjoy! In fact they can usually be seen bouncing round the mosh pit with me.
We have previously featured Dave’s photos on T&M, and he previously put together an unofficial video for the song ‘All Blurs Into One’ from the last album ‘Work In Progress’. Dave Bennifer - sporting his Movember 2012 'tache, with Charlie and one of his son's, Nathan - click to enlargeDave also added that “as far as the videos and photos are concerned I usually take my little Panasonic Lumix along to gigs and try to get some good shots and then post them for others to enjoy. But the track ‘Coalition Government Blues’ really inspired me and made me think ‘I could do another video for that and get the track out there for others to enjoy on YouTube’. I hope you enjoy it and that it helps sell the band lots more albums.
Dave further told T&M about the enjoyable and thriving punk scene in Leicester and that he works for himself, but additionally, T&M is also keen to alert our readers to a wonderfully worthwhile project that Dave is involved with, in Dave’s words:
I have devoted the last 3 years to try and get a skate park facility for our local village to give the kids somewhere they are allowed to hang out and enjoy themselves without fear of being moved on. We have the plans, land and permission to build but we just need to raise the money (the hard bit) here is a link to what we have been doing with the skate park – if there are any Subs fans out there who can donate time or money, please do so, any contribution will help – however small or large!