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10th June 2014:

Are there any punk/hardcore/metal sounding bands who can quickly write and record a song for me? I'm looking for a song to use as an intro and outro for my drumming show. It's called Noisy Bastards so I need a song with the words "Noisy Bastards" in it. There's a few songs I can use already but I want to give an unsigned band a bit of coverage instead of the bigger bands getting all the limelight all the time. I've just recorded the second episode with the drummers of the Damned (Pinch), Rancid (Branden Steineckert) and Stone Sour (Roy Mayorga), so the show will get a lot of views and it's also sponsored by Vive Le Rock magazine. Get in touch asap if you're interested and can deliver. 
Contact Jamie via the below link folks!

UPDATE: Jamie's 'Drinking and drummimg' educational/scientific video has had over 5000 views in its first 36 hours - watch it here - Jamie plans many new videos as part of his new Drum Chum website - which is linked HERE