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  • Above: Punk Special US VHS release, 1986, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: RO478VH
Label: Video LP
Recorded: Various
Released: 1986


Track Listing:

King Kurt - Interview with Nicky Horne
King Kurt - Bo Diddley Goes East
King Kurt - Destination Zululand
Lords of The New Church - Dance With Me
Lords of The New Church - Black Girl White Girl
Husker Du - I Apologise
Husker Du - If I Told You
Husker Du - Interview with Nicky Horne
Husker Du - Books About UFO's
UK Subs - Interview with Nicky Horne
UK Subs - Endangered Species
UK Subs - Fear of Girls
UK Subs - Interview with Nicky Horne
UK Subs - In The Wild
Flesh For Lulu - Lame Train


Features the interview with Charlie from the original TV broadcast of Live From London.

The whole set was originally released as Gross Out UK.


Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: James Moncur
Bass: John Armitage
Drums: Rab Fae Beith


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  • Above: VHS Cassette


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