"The reaper's come to call"


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Cat. No: LETV196LP
Label: Let Them Eat Vinyl
Recorded: August 1983
Released: 1st April 2015


Side One:

Flood Of Lies (Harper / Scarlet)
Veronique (Harper / Slack)
Soldiers Of Fortune (Harper / Scarlet)
D.B's (Harper)
Tampa Bay (Harper / Scarlet)
After The War (Harper / Slack)

Run-out groove: 123331E1/A


Side Two:

Violent Revolution ((Harper / Scarlet)
In The Red (Harper / Scarlet)
Dress Code (Harper / Scarlet)
Revenge Of The Jelly Devils (Harper / Slack)
In The Wild (Harper)
Seas Of Mars (Harper / Slack)

Run-out groove: 123331E2/A


Side Three:

Another Typical City (7" Version) (UK Subs)
Still Life (Harper / Scarlet)
The Spell (Harper / Scarlet)
Private Army (Harper / Scarlet)

Run-out groove: 123331E3/A


Side Four:

Multiple Minds (Harper / Scarlet)
Primary Strength (Harper / Scarlet)
Another Typical City (12" Version) (UK Subs)

Run-out groove: 123331E4/A


Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Captain Scarlet
Bass: Steve Slack
Drums: Steve J. Jones


2015 reissue in a gatefold sleeve with the addition of the 7" and 12" versions of Another Typical City with b-sides, plus the Magic EP.

'In The Red' credited as Harper / Scarlet but original release credited as Harper / Slack. Mistake originally made on the Fall Out CD issue and repeated on subsequent versions. 'Still Life' is also credited as Harper / Scarlet where as the original release and previous reissues is just Harper.


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