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   New U.K. Subs DVD Out Soon:  

 'Dance & Travel in the Punk Rock Age with the UK Subs' 

There is a new DVD compilation due for release from Screen Edge, who recently released the U.K. Subs - On The Road DVD.

John Bentham, who is the man behind Screen Edge, also previously issued his footage as 'Jettisoundz', has written the following synopsis for the new DVD, which is entitled 'Dance & Travel in the Punk Rock Age with the U.K. Subs':

"When I started to think about things it was when Charlie told me he was 70 now, and he'd had 50 years on the road already, I thought this sounds like a good story. The beginning few years were captured, and are all out for all to see. I think the story really begins in 1983, which is with Charlie at the helm, stripped of the rest of the band. Then the following year things take off in LA big time, showing what the band can do, and going through the gigs how often the line up changes along the way. For Charlie what does not change is the band, he is always there! There a bit of my own stuff here along with other people's footage, it does make good viewing, particularly some of the interview footage and documentary. I can only hope that these tapes given to me by Charlie Harper, are seen as a testament to a great player. I would say there is another one yet, at least... John Bentham - 2015."

The new DVD compilation - catalogue number JE319D - runs to just over 3 hours and is region free, but is only available in the USA at present.

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 Rent, buy, download or watch Screen Edge Subs Footage 

John has also made his footage available to view, stream, rent or buy/download via the Rameses website...

So, for example, for the video interview John did with Charlie in September 2014 you can rent the footage for $1.00, buy and download it for $3.00 or watch it with a $4.99 monthly subscription.
Additionally, the two U.K. Subs gigs that made up the 'On The Road' DVD can also be accessed via the Rameses website with a rental price of $1.50 each, buy and download for $5.00 each or via the aforementioned $4.99 monthly subscription option.

U.K. Subs gig footage link:

Charlie interview footage link: