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   New Urban Dogs Album To Be Recorded   


Click to enlargeTime & Matter Records is delighted to announce that they have once again signed up the Urban Dogs, this time to record a brand new studio album.

The full original band, originally formed in 1982 - Charlie Harper (vocals), Knox (guitar), Alvin Gibbs (bass) and Matthew Best (drums) are booked to go into ex-Vibrators' Pat Collier's Perry Vale Studios in London on Monday 9 May 2016 to record the follow up to the critically acclaimed acoustic album 'Bonefield'. The U.K. Subs recorded their final 4 albums with Pat, as did the Urban Dogs with their superb last T&M release, the 7" single 'Rebellion Song'.

Recent Urban Dogs gig 2016 - click to enlarge

The new album will be entitled ATTACK and as Knox told T&M recently: "I have a feeling that this album will be what people will be hoping it is, loud! We'll show that we still have some of our fire left..."

Click to enlargeThe prospect of recording URBAN DOGS: ATTACK is also something that has got drummer Matthew Best (pictured right) excited; he enthused to T&M that he "...can't wait to get back in the studio with Knox, Charlie and Alvin for the first time in what seems like - and for some people actually is - a lifetime. Looking forward to doing some originals and a couple of interesting covers in our own - hopefully - inimitable way. I will be doing a studio diary and taking lots of photos so stay tuned for further updates!  Starting Monday!"

One of the tentatively planned covers is of the Monkees' 1967 hit '(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone', but with the Dogs back growling at their roaring best - anything could happen!

There are also plans to release a single from the sessions, as both Charlie and Knox both revealed to T&M that they have a big cache of new songs to choose from for the recording sessions, with Knox adding that "I'm still deciding on my songs and the titles as they might be different or changed when the album comes out..."

Charlie told T&M that he "has three really strong songs for definite, one of which has a Halloween theme, possibly to be called 'Trick or Treat'."

The album artwork, which we will reveal details of after the recordings, will be of a 'traditional Urban Dogs release' nature! We can however reveal that Knox will do the front and Charlie the back!

Time & Matter are excited to also announce that they have engaged the renowned London-based portrait, music and editorial photographer Tina Korhonen, who is a big fan and friend of both Charlie and Knox, to provide publicity shots as well as inner sleeve images.

Alvin Gibbs - click to enlargeOriginal and returning bassist Mr Alvin Gibbs has also revealed further details to T&M:
"I’ve written three pretty strong songs - if I say so myself, both music and lyrics - for the Dogs album; the titles of which are as follows: ‘Goddamn Liar’, ‘Sidewalk Baby’ and ‘World’s End Apocalypse’, the latter song being a musical love letter to Vivienne Westwood. I’ve also arranged a rocking version of ‘You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory’ by Johnny Thunders as one of the cover tracks, which Charlie tells me he’s eager to sing and also incorporate in his solo set..."

An Urban Dogs album launch show is being set up for November 17, 2016 at the 100 Club in London, so keep watching this space folks!

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