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   U.K. Subs - Live In Bremen 1982 Out Now On Vinyl  

Combat Rock Records, France's greatest ever record label, have now issued a vinyl version of the U.K. Subs' DVD 'Live In Bremen', which was recorded for German TV on  21 September 1982 featuring Charlie, Nicky Garratt, Alvin Gibbs and Kim Wylie.

Retitled 'Bremen 82', the track listing is:
1. Self Destruct / 2. War Of The Roses /
3. Police State / 4. Emotional Blackmail /
5. Holy Land / 6. Warhead / 7. Left For Dead /
8. Endangered Species / 9. Enemy Awaits /
10. Crash Course / 11. No Heart /
12. Tomorrow's Girls / 13. I Live in A Car /
14. C.I.D. / 15. Stranglehold / 16. New Barbarians

Reproduced at the top right of this story is the front cover to the new LP, which will be on black vinyl, and carries a catalogue number of 'UK Subs French Connection 1'.

The LP is limited to 500 copies.

Alvin Gibbs has written a back cover introductory piece for the recording and below is some further background information regarding that show...

Below: Postcard from the Patrick Kerrane collection.
From Alvin Gibbs 30/9/1982, mentioning the TV show- click images to enlarge

Front - click to enlarge  Back - click to enlarge.


You can also see Nicky Garratt's 1982 tour itinerary - click here

  New U.K. Subs Specialist Label Launched By Combat Rock  

  ...introducing 'French Connection Records'   


My name is Caps and I run the ‘Combat Rock’ record label in France. I also play in a band called Charge 69.
I discovered UK SUBS via their first album ‘Another Kind Of Blues’ when I immediately became a fan. I first became friends with Charlie Harper in the early 80's and have seen the band many, many times since, in a lot of different countries. My passion for the Subs has increased over the many years since and despite loving lots of other bands I still regard the Subs as my favourite combo for so many reasons – the consistent quality of their records, never giving up through nearly 40 years, as well the kindness they always show to their audience and so on.
All this has now led me to start a subsidiary label of ‘Combat Rock' records, which will be called, ‘French Connection’; in order to solely release recordings by the UK SUBS. These releases will be for the band’s “diehard fans”. Each release will be limited editions of 500 copies. These will not be bootlegs however, as all the records will be issued through agreement with the band.
This first production is a live recording of their concert in Bremen – Germany in 1982 with the line-up of Charlie Harper, Nicky Garratt, Alvin Gibbs and Kim Wylie on drums. Previously only available on a DVD, I personally loved the recording so much that I thought it would be great to get a vinyl version of it. I hope you'll love this new version as much as me!

I'm already planning new records but if you have ideas or recordings you think would be ideal for sharing via my new label then please feel free to get in touch at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Here’s hoping that we'll keep on this adventure.

UK SUBS Fanatic until the End!"