The following news story appeared on the T&M homepage:


  Guitarist JET leaves the band...  

The band have posted a "major announcement" via their Ziezo album Pledge page announcing the departure of long-time guitarist Jet.

The statement reads:
"As you are no doubt aware by now, we are at the very tail end of an incredible campaign which has seen us write and record the 26th and final U.K. Subs album, Ziezo.

The partnership that achieved this feat has spanned the last decade and produced the last 4 albums, providing perhaps the most stable period of U.K. Subs' history. However, as time inevitably presses on, relationships expire and new ones form. And so it is with regret that U.K. Subs are, by mutual agreement, to part company with guitarist Jet. This may come as a shock to some, but ultimately it is a decision that has not been taken lightly.

We'd like to thank Jet for a decade of outstanding service and wish him the very best in all of his future endeavours. We also extend our thanks to you in advance, for your ongoing support and understanding during this time. We shall be trying out a few candidates in the coming weeks. Suffice to say we hope our next choice will allow us to continue and thrive through the next phase of U.K. Subs. In the meantime please do not contact us offering your services or telling us of a friend who would be perfect for the job as we have very specific criteria for what we are looking for and already have people in mind. Further updates to follow.

Charlie, Alvin and Jamie"

  Jet's thank you message...  

Tab_widthJet also posted on his social media sites the following farewell statement:

"This could be very sudden news for you all. But I am no longer a member of the UK Subs. Spending 11 years in the band was a great experience for me. Played hundreds of shows in many places from the tiniest pubs to big outdoor/arena gigs, that was great fun. I hope I have contributed some good vibes into the last 4 albums. Thanks again all of you who have bought the UK Subs final studio album Ziezo, it was great to hear so many people like it.

I’m sure I will miss playing with the band, but I need to move on with my life. Thank you Charlie, Alvin and Jamie for the great times for the last decade. Also thank you to our booking agents, promoters and all the people who have helped.

Last but not least, thank you everyone who have supported over the years. I’m sure I will see you all again soon!"

To Jet - from T&M!

The Time & Matter team would also like to thank Jet for all the wonderful memories he's provided during his decade in the band, there have been many fabulous live performances, as well as all the superb songs he's written and played on.

Jet truly has been one of the very best guitarists that the band have had, and we wish him all the very best in whatever he does next...

Cheers Jet!