• U.K. Subs were set to play Topfest, Letisko Piešťany, Slovakia, but the show was cancelled just prior to their taking the stage, due to an oncoming storm that was deemed a danger to band and crowd...


vocals & harmonica





Below: First official Subs photo with new guitarist Steve Straughan, plus commentary posted via the U.K. Subs Facebook page...

The all new UK Subs having a blast at Topfest!!! Onstage in 2 hours

Apologies to all at Topfest for the show being cancelled tonight. As you all know the weather is, well, it's shit. We're gutted that we can't play for you, gutted for our new friends who organised everything and gutted for Steve who was absolutely raring to go and kick arse on his official UK Subs debut. It's a horrible feeling coming all this way just to wait around all day for nothing but unfortunately it was out of our control. We hope to see you all in Slovakia again soon! — feeling annoyed.

 However, wine club has improved our mood dramatically!



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The following news story appeared on the T&M homepage:


   Steve Roberts Sentenced at York Magistrates  

Ex-Subs drummer Steve Roberts has appeared in the York Press via the following unfortunate news story:

 (Read the original online at: http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/14593837.Punk_rocker_sentenced_for_abusing_York_vicar/)

Punk rocker sentenced for abusing York vicar

Steven Roberts, aka Stevie ze Suicide, outside court

Steven Roberts, aka Stevie ze Suicide, outside court

 A PUNK rocker says he is focusing on getting his life back on track after he was sentenced to a 12-month community order for religiously aggravated assault.

Steven Roberts, better known as the former UK Subs drummer Stevie ze Suicide, appeared at York Magistrates Court yesterday to learn his fate after he subjected the Rev Jane Nattrass to foul-mouthed sexually and religiously-related verbal abuse.

Roberts, 62, of Fern Street in The Groves, also poked the vicar when she asked him to leave St Olave’s Church in Marygate after a funeral so she could close it.

When he was asked to leave last December, he swore and said “What would Jesus be saying now? He would not be throwing me out, you hypocrite”.

York Press: St Olave’s Church in Marygate

St Olave's Church in Marygate

 He continued with more swear words and made allegations about the priest’s personal life. He added “I will get you next time” before insulting her further.

He pleaded guilty on December 7 last year and was sentenced by district judge Adrian Lower yesterday.

Roberts must attend 30 days of rehabilitation, not enter St Olave’s for 12 months and pay £200 compensation.

District judge Lower told him: “Take this chance because this is the best opportunity you need to make sure you will not come back here.”

Roberts, who appeared in court with dyed blonde hair and wearing a white shirt, black spotted tie, black trousers and a black bomber jacket, told the court: “Thank you for your time and sorry for all the trouble it caused. I won’t let you down.”

Speaking to The Press outside court, he said: “It has all been a very big misunderstanding but I take full responsibility for my actions and I just want to get back into rock and roll. I won’t be back here until hell freezes over. I’m pleased to get better because I have been suffering from personality disorder.

“I’m determined to get back on stage and sell my records.”

Article by Alex Ross