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   5 page Charlie interview in Classic Rock magazine  

The latest issue of CLASSIC ROCK magazine - dated September 2016 - features a 5 page interview and feature with Charlie, written by Ian Fortnam (pages 66-70).

Entitled 'A Street Punk Named Charlie', this excellent interview covers Charlie's early life, influences and inspirations, as well as his experiences with the U.K. Subs...

"Early on I fell in with a bunch of beatniks. We were playing the Woody Guthrie and Jack Elliott songbooks. Those guys taught me to play guitar and harmonica, so that’s what I did.
When I was fourteen I got a guitar that cost eight quid which I paid off by instalments. It had Bert Weedon’s Play In A Day guitar book with it, so I learnt to play my three chords in twenty minutes and was off..."

You can read further excerpts of the full magazine interview online under the heading "U.K. Subs frontman Charlie Harper looks back on four decades at punk's frontline" on the magazine's website at:

Below: The 5 page feature...