The following news story appeared on T&M:

   U.K. Subs 4CD boxset due from Cleopatra Records  

Cleopatra Records will be issuing a 4-CD boxset featuring the official albums KILLING TIME, QUINTESSENTIALS, RIOT and TIME WARP on 30 September 2016.

Entitled '4 WAYS TO THE CENTER', with a catalogue number of CLO0000437, the set is available to pre-order on the internet now at a variety of websites...

The press release information reads as follows:

"4 long out of print albums are packaged together in this special box set from the iconic punk rock outfit, UK Subs! Includes the classic 1988 album Killing Time as well as the simultaneously released Quintessentials & Riot PLUS their greatest hits revisited collection Time Warp! Each album comes packaged in it's own wallet, replicating the original artwork, and the entire set comes with a full-color booklet featuring rare photos and liner notes by Subs guitarist Nicky Garratt!"