"Tezz spilt me beer and made me fag go out, cigarette, sorry!"

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Cat. No: ES841
Label: Euro Star
Recorded: Spring 1984
Released: 19??


Side A:

Intro 2:14
Emotional Blackmail (Harper/Garratt) 2:17
New Barbarians (Harper) 2:47
In The Wild (Harper) 2:25
Veronique (Harper/Slack) 1.59
Flood Of Lies (Harper/Scarlett (sic))  3:23
Warhead (Harper/Slack) 3:38
Soldiers of Fortune (Harper/Scarlett (sic)) 1:04


Side Two:

Limo Life (Harper/Garratt) 3:01
Disease (Harper/Garratt) 1:25
Violent Revolution (Harper/Scarlett (sic)) 2:30
Ice Age (Harper/Garratt) 3:15
Dress Code (Harper/Scarlett (sic) 1:32
Telephone Numbers (Harper/Garratt) 0:49
Stranglehold (Harper) 1:46
You Don't Belong (Harper/Garratt) 2:41
Party In Paris (Harper) 2:20


Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Captain Scarlet
Bass: Tezz Roberts
Drums: Pete Davies


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