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U.K. Subs in 1978 BBC Documentary Clip Appears Online 

The 'BBC Archive' on Twitter (@BBCArchive') recently (12 October 2017) posted a fascinating clip lasting 9 minutes and 44 seconds, from the 1978 BBC Omnibus programme documentary entitled 'The Record Machine', with the tweet information reading:

"#OTD 1978: The Mekons, Sham 69, ATV, The Slits and the UK Subs discussed the complex relationship between punk, publicity and profit"."

Featuring John Peel interviewing the various bands, the clip includes a headline quote from Charlie Harper as follows:

"We done a gig for fourteen pound - and we lost two quid"

The clip was edited together from different sections of the original documentary, with the Subs appearing at 7.58 until the end of the clip... which you can watch below:
Original YouTube link HERE